Community Support

  1. Gamblers Anonymous - Weekly meetings in Chilliwack. Has gambling taken over your life or the life of someone you know? Gamblers Anonymous can help take back your life. Phone 1 855 222 5542 to speak to someone now. Gamblers Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from a Gambling Problem.

  2. Family Places  45845 Wellington Ave  604-792-1613

  3. Doorway Support For Single Moms  45625 South Sumas Rd, Sardis Community Church  604-858-5073

  4. Crisis Line 1-877-820-74444

  5. Enquiry BC  1-800-663-7867

  6. Residential Tenancy Office  1-800-665-8779

  7. BC Housing Management Commission  1-800-257-7756

  8. BC Coalition of People With Disabilities  604-875-0188

  9. BC Nurse Line  1-866-215-4700

  10. Healthy Kids Program  1-866-866-0800

  11. Pharmacare  1-800-663-7100

  12. English As A Second Language  (ESL) 604-793-7220

  13. Seniors Supplement  1-877-815-2363

  14. Child Tax Benefit  1-800-387-1193

  15. Service Canada Centre 4860 Cheam Ave  604-792-1371

  16. Revenue Canada 1-800-267-6999

  17. Medical Services Plan  1-800-663-7100

  18. Legal Advocacy Office  Ellen Boyes CCC 604-793-7204

  19. Chilliwack Addictions and Prevention Services  45904 Victoria Ave  604-795-5994



Chilliwack Clubs and Associations

  1. Chilliwack Beekeeping Community - For beekeepers and bee enthusiasts to connect with each other,
    and to share wisdom & resources. Meets once a month. For more information email here or connect on Facebook at

  2. Chilliwack Quilters Guild - invites anyone interested in join the guild. Visit their website

  3. Fraser Valley Christ Centered Singles - Fraser Valley Christ Centered Singles is a new singles group open to all singles 35 and over. Our web site is and the contact person is Bernie Constable 604-392-5862 e-mail here for more information.

  4. PCCN Chilliwack - Prostate Cancer Information and Awareness Group will be holding their regular monthly meeting on April 5th, 2012 at 7:30 PM at the Mt Cheam Lion's Hall at 45580 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack. Our speaker will be RN Rhonda McGowan, from Abbottsford Regional Hospital who will speak on Stroke Prevention and be available to answer any questions relating to strokes. There will also be an opportunity to discuss any Prostate issues and visit with a number of PC survivors and their caregivers after the presentation. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions please call Dale Erikson at 604-824-5506.

  5. Chilliwack Floral Club Meeting

    This club was founded by Jane Keding and Dorothy Belfry. Our first meeting was on March 28th, 2006. We have 30 members and meetings are at the Slesse Room, Evergreen Hall, on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm. We meet monthly from January to November, with the exception of July and August, which are used for other activities such as garden visits. We have workshops to practice what we have been taught by visiting demonstrators, who teach us such things as leaf manipulation, ikebana and so much more. The annual fee is $20, which includes 5 basic lessons given by Jane Keding. Why not join this friendly, keen, flower loving club and surprise yourself in how much you can do and learn in a few short weeks. The club is a member of the NAFAS London and Overseas Club. For more information visit:

  6. Prayer Shawl Knitters Meet

    Those who wish to knit Prayer Shawls in a small group or learn how to knit Prayer Shawls are invited to join a knitting group that meets Wednesday afternoons between 1 and 4 p.m. at Community of Christ Church, at 9845 Carlton St. For more

    information call Svea at 604-795-0380 or Janine at 604-392-9479.

  7. Spouses and Partners Grief Network

    The Chilliwack Bereavement Support Society offers grief programs for parents, spouses and adult children. The programs allow participants to share stories, support each other and learn about how to deal with grief following the death of a loved one. The Parents' Grief Network meets every second Sunday afternoon. The spouses/partners network meets every Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. For details and more information on these and other services call 604-793-7239.

  8. Chilliwack Heart Support Group Chilliwack Heart Support Group offers a support group for people with cardiac related problems including heart attacks, open heart surgery, and birth heart defects. Support also available for spouses or partners. Meetings held on the fourth Wed of every month at 2:00 pm, at the Salvation Army Community Church, 46420 Brooks Ave (Beginning June 23rd 2010). This is a group of private citizens who have come together as a support group to help those with cardiac conditions, it is not part of the Chilliwack General hospital. For more information call Al at: 604-795-3096 or e-mail here. The meetings take place at the Salvation Army Church, 46420 Brooks Ave., Chilliwack.

  9. British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

  10. Elizabeth's wildlife centre in Abbotsford

  11. Po Lam Buddhist Association Po Lam offeres a "Mindfulness Meditation" course by donation every now and then in Chilliwack. Everyone over the ages of 18 is welcome to attend. Located at: 46350 Prairie Central Rd (at Velma Ave.). Visit: for more information.

  12. La Leche League Canada - Chilliwack Group We visit together after the meeting for about half an hour if you need to meet with a leader or talk things over in person. The group meets twice a month at: Family Place - 45845 Wellington St. 7:30 pm Call Kerri about our national breastfeeding referral service at 1-800-665-4324 or e-mail:  For more information visit their website:

  13. Air Force Assoc. of Canada 879 Wing Special Interest Groups Contact: Jock McLaren Phone: (604) 824-4339 Description: Ex-airforce pilots and aviation buffs.

  14. Blue Knights Motorcycle Club Contact: Steve Vrolyk Phone: (604) 792-4611 Camera Club of Chilliwack Special Interest Groups Contact: Betty Rolls Phone: (604) 792-6060 

  15. CFB Chilliwack Historical Society  Contact: James Harris Phone: (604) 858-0618 E-Mail here Website: Description: Displaying Chilliwack's Military History, 56 years of Military History is displayed depicting the training, service, economical and social values to the area. Location: Masonic Temple, 45905 Hocking Avenue, Chilliwack. Open: Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Admission is FREE. Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club Special Interest Groups Contact: Info Line Phone: (604) 793-0078 Website:

  16. Chilliwack Community Arts Council - The group have located in the Vedder Village Mall. Please call 604-769-ARTS (2787) or visit for information on the wide assortment of classes and programs.

  17. Chilliwack Field Naturalists Contact: David Hutchings Phone: (604) 858-2486 Chilliwack Flying Club Special Interest Groups Contact: John Bergsma Phone: (604) 792-0402

  18. Chilliwack Harmony Chorus  The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus are moving their rehearsal night to Wednesday Evening after May 1st.
    We are looking for all singers ( Men and Women) who enjoy four part harmony, Barbershop style. The rehearsals are at Christ Lutheran Church, 9460 Charles St, (next to the middle school) at 7 pm. Contact 604-795-5682. Come and enjoy the fellowship that singing brings.

  19. Chilliwack Lions Club  Contact: Bill Lyle, President Phone: (604) 824-8068

  20. Chilliwack Singles Club  Contact: Etta Clarke Phone: (604)824-7396

  21. Chilliwack Toastmasters Contact: Phone: Website Website: Description: Chilliwack Toastmasters: Contact Lucy Stad 604-824-8810 or Glenda Standeven 604-792-6638. This is a community club. Meets every Wednesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Lions Club Hall on 45580 Spadina Avenue.

  22. Fraser Valley R/C Flyers  Contact: Jim Copley Phone: (604) 824-0944

  23. Garden Club of Chilliwack  Contact: Elizabeth Wirsz Phone: (604) 824-8284 E-Mail:

  24. Hominum: Are you Gay, Bi-sexual or just not sure? HOMINUM Fraser Valley Chapter is an informal discussion and support group to help gay, bi-sexual and questioning men with the challenges of being married, separated or single. We meet at 7:30 pm on the last Friday of every month. For information and meeting location, call Art 604-462-9813 or Don 604-329-9760

  25. Knights of Columbus, Chilliwack Council  Contact: Ron Ennis Phone: 604-858-1711 E-Mail: Website: Description: The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Fraternal family organization dedicated to promoting a Catholic lifestyle through charitable works within the community. Notes: Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM, September to June.

  26. LaLeche League (Breast Feeding Support) Contact: Loriza Knapton Phone: 604-795-7176

  27. Mount Cheam Lions Club  Contact: Jim Horobin, President Phone: 604-792-3810

  28. Mt. Cheam Canine Association Contact: Elizabeth Grimaldi Phone: 604-858-0692

  29. Ryder Lake Women's Institute  Contact: Bea Mazurenko Phone: (604) 858-4511

  30. Singles Social Club  Contact: Holly Jajcaj Phone: (604) 824-4183

  31. Soroptomist International of Chilliwack Contact: n/a Phone: (604) 794-3110 Stellars Jay Lions Club Special Interest Groups Contact: Vivian B. Edwards, President Phone: (604) 824-7555

  32. Stroke Recovery Assoc. - Chwk Chapter Contact: Elizabeth Morris Phone: (604) 793-9846 The Chilliwack Wine Making Club Special Interest Groups Contact: Paul Rogers Phone: 604-824-8863 Description: This wine making club meets the 4th Monday of every month at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 46211 Margaret Ave excluding July, August and December. New members are welcome.

  33. The Parkinson Support Group Contact: Mary Wilson, Facilitator Phone: (604) 824-1828 Description: Location: Evergreen Hall
    Parkinsonions with their partners or caregivers are welcome to share at these meetings. We offer information and friendship.  



  1. Glad Tidings Fellowship Church Badminton Club  Contact: Glad Tidings Fellowship Phone: (604) 792-0694 Fax: (604) 792-0695

  2. St. Mary's Badminton Club (Adult) Contact: St. Mary's Parish Phone: (604) 792-2764 E-Mail:

  3. Women's Badminton Contact: Anne Russell Phone: (604) 794-3881



  1. Chillibowl Lanes Ltd. Bowling Contact: Office Phone: (604) 795-2637

  2. Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Club Bowling Contact: Bill or Betty Fergusson Phone: (604)824-1199

  3. Evergreen Senior Carpet Bowlers Bowling Contact: Eric Schier Phone: (604) 795-9883

  4. Five Pin Bowling Association Bowling Contact: Tom Carter Phone: (604) 792-2413


Children & Youth

  1. 349 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Contact: office Phone: 604-858-1137

  2. Air Wolf Air Cadets  Contact: office (604)792-0315

  3. Army Cadets 1725 Contact: Captain Brandon Banks Phone: (604) 858-1185

  4. Big Brothers & Big Sisters Upper Fraser Valley  Contact: Dave Bahr Phone: (604) 858-0828 Fax: (604) 858-3908 Description: Located at 45195 Wells Road, Chilliwack, BC V2R 1H6

  5. Cheam Skate Club  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 824-9544 Website:

  6. Chilliwack Christian Junior Hockey League  Contact: John Vander Wel  Phone: (604)858-2247 E-Mail: Website:

  7. Chilliwack Gymnastics Club  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 795-6009

  8. Chilliwack Hoops  Contact: Mike Britton Phone: (604) 793-2443 Website: Description: For boys and girls from grades 1-12. League runs January to April at Cheam Centre YMCA. League has 1 practice and 1 game per week. Equal playing time for all is ensured.

  9. Chilliwack Hoops/3D Basketball  Contact: Joe Ogmundson Phone: 604-792-2146 E-Mail: Description: Chilliwack Hoops/3D basketball is operating in Chilliwack for the coming club season April until July. We offer Elite club basketball for both girls and boys as well as developmental programs for boys and girls grades 4 to 10. All Programs will be operating out of rented gyms in Chilliwack School district.

  10. Chilliwack Minor Baseball Assoc  Contact: Glen Trojanoski Phone: 604-858-7757 Chilliwack Minor Fast Pitch Association Children & Youth Contact: Phone: Website

  11. Chilliwack Minor Football  Contact: Laurie Bjorge Phone: (604) 792-8744 E-Mail: Website:

  12. Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-6031 Fax: (604)858-6015 E-Mail: Website:  It is the Philosophy of Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association that all children who wish to learn the skill of hockey should have the opportunity to do so, within the limitations of available facilities, financial restrictions and available volunteer coaches. It is also the philosophy of CMHA to provide an environment in which these children can learn hockey skills, play at a level consistent with their aspirations, learn good sportsmanship and develop into young men and women that their parents and the community can be proud of.

  13. Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse Association Contact: Phone: website E-Mail:

  14. Chilliwack Safety Village  Contact: Don VanBeest Phone: (604) 795-9866 Chilliwack School of Performing Arts Children & Youth Contact: Office Phone: (604) 792-9469 E-Mail:  A non-profit organization that teaches singing, dancing and acting to
    children aged 5-18 yrs. located at 45898 Victoria Avenue in Chilliwack.

  15. Chilliwack Track & Field Club  Contact: Roberta Smith Phone: (604) 858-7880

  16. Chilliwack Vaulting Club Contact: 

  17. Youth Soccer Association  Contact: Phone: website E-Mail: Website: Description: Youth Soccer (ages 5-19 boys & girls) Notes: Annual Registration in May & June

  18. Fraser Valley Rhythmic Gymnastics  Contact: Kate Kloos Phone: 604-845-3874 E-Mail: Website:

  19. Green Light Adventures In-Line Hockey Contact: Dan Koenig Phone: (604) 858-6420 Fax: (604) 858-9806 E-Mail: Website:

  20. Illusions Rhythmic Gymnastic Society  Contact: Information Line Phone: (604) 702-4480

  21. Lenard Simpson Skating School Contact: Lenard Simpson Phone: (604) 795-9948

  22. Promontory Heights Community School Assoc. Youth Services  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-2999 Sardis Fliers Speed Skating Club Children & Youth Contact: BIll Kempers Phone: (604) 823-6145

  23. Scouts of Canada  Contact: Pager Phone: (604) 793-1360 Spartan Swim Club Children & Youth Contact: Office Phone: (604)858-SWIM Website:

  24. Stingrays Summer Swim Club  Contact: Info Line Phone: (604) 858-9894 Website:

  25. Twin & Triplet Club Contact: Cheryl Mueller Phone: 604-795-2545

  26. Valley Shidokan Karate  Contact: Don Sharp Phone: (604) 858-2807 E-Mail: Website: Fitness and personal development through martial arts training.

  27. Youth Basketball for Girls  Contact: Joe Ogmundson Phone: (604) 792-2146 E-Mail:  Youth basketball for girls, operates programs all summer for girls, lots of fun and lots to do plus minimal cost if any.

Animal Welfare

  1. Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA)

  2. Urban Safari Rescue - Love animals and people? Urban Safari Rescue Society is accepting volunteers interested in working with animals, who are interested in teaching the public about animals and the natural world, have good public speaking skills, have interests in the environment, like to work as a team. We offer many interesting and unusual volunteer opportunities for people with skills of all kinds with flexible hours and a fun, unique, team atmosphere. Contact Urban Safari Rescue Society - 1395 176th St. Surrey BC 604 531-1100 E-mail here or visit online


  1. The Terry Fox Foundation

  2. Hungry For Life International

  3. Hellenic Ministries

  4. BC Brain Injury Association

  5. Canadian Hard Of Hearing BC Chapter

  6. Mountainview Church

Child Care

  1. Promontory Preschool
    2 ˝ - 5 yrs)
    45850 Promontory Rd., Sardis 604- 845- 1800

  2. Little Footsteps Preschool
    (ages 3 - 5 yrs)

    46510 First Ave., Chilliwack 604- 792- 0794

  3. Little Mountain Preschool
    (ages 3 - 5 yrs)

    9674 McNaught Rd., Chilliwack 604- 393- 7097

  4. Tadpole Academy Childcare and Learning Centre
    (ages 3 years - 5 yrs)
    9766 Oak St., Chilliwack 604- 702- 0267

  5. Hummingbird Child Care Centre
    Fairfield Island Facility
    (ages 2 ˝ - 12 yrs)

    46024 Clare Ave., Chilliwack 604- 702- 1142

  6. Hummingbird Child Care Centre
    Promontory Heights Facility
    (ages 2 ˝ - 12 yrs)

    2 - 46170 Stoneview Dr., Chilliwack 604- 824- 9907

  7. Tadpole Academy Childcare and Learning Centre
    (ages 3 years - 5 yrs)
    9766 Oak St., Chilliwack 604- 702- 0267

  8. Promontory 5* Childcare Center
    2  - 6 yrs)
    45928 Weeden Dr., Sardis 604- 846- 1785

  9. Charlene's Family Child Care
    (ages Birth - 12 yrs)

    45173 Oliver Cres., Sardis 604- 858- 6105

  10. Li'l Duffers Family Child Care
    (ages Birth - 7 yrs)

    5633 Sonoma Pl., Chilliwack 604- 824- 4693

  11. Karin's Family Daycare
    (ages 2 - 11 yrs)

    46536 Strathcona Rd., Chilliwack 604- 792- 8839

  12. Care-A-Lot Daycare
    (ages 2 - 5 years)

    7022 Rochester Ave., Sardis 604- 701- 1936

  13. Gingerbread Family Child Care
    (ages 1 - 6 yrs)

    44649 Michael Drive,
    Chilliwack 604- 824- 1710

Community Halls

  1. Atchelitz Farmers Institute Hall  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-3258 Notes: 6590 Lickman Road, Chilliwack, BC

  2. Camp River Community Hall  Contact: Jacquie McFee Phone: (604) 794-3850 Description: 50246 Camp River Road, Chilliwack,

  3. BC Cheam Community Centre Contact: Office Phone: (604) 824-5250

  4. Chilliwack Lions Hall  Contact: Neil Rickaby Phone: (604) 795-5907

  5. Chilliwack Senior Social Society  Contact: Ian Carnegie Phone: (604) 824-4834

  6. Columbia Valley Community Centre  Contact: Diane Rose Phone: (604) 858-9774 E-Mail: Website:

  7. Community Arts Council Contact: Arts Centre Office Phone: (604) 792-2069

  8. Elks Club  Contact: Bob Fraser Phone: (604) 792-7412

  9. Masonic Hall  Contact: Sig Huth Phone: (604) 795-5553 Description: Al Jesperson at (604) 795-5945 O.A.P.O. #173 - Sardis Community Halls Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-4066

  10. Princess Armouries  Contact: Karen Booth Phone: (604) 792-0315 E-Mail:  Phone 604-316-4459 Hall is available for rental to outside groups. Complete with large banquet area, kitchen, classrooms and shower facilities. Notes: Proceeds of rentals help support the Air Cadet and Navy League Cadet Corps.

  11. Promontory Heights Community School Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-2999

  12. Riding Club Hall Contact: Al Hunt Phone: (604) 792-3810

  13. Ryder Lake Farmer's & Women's Institute Contact: Dalyn Sexsmith Phone: (604) 858-4156 Description: Secondary contact: Bea Mazurenko at 604-858-4511

  14. School District #33 Facilities/Hall Contact: School District #33 Phone: (604) 795-2557

  15. Tzeachten Community Hall  Contact: Glenda Campbell Phone: (604) 858-3888

  16. Yarrow Community Hall




  1. Chilliwack Floral Art Club Crafts Contact: Jane Keding Phone: 604-792-9297 Meets every 4th Tuesday at 130pm (excluding July and August) at Evergreen Hall in the Slesse Room.

  2. Chilliwack Quilters Guild Crafts Contact: Penny Siddons Phone: (604) 858-3720

  3. Chilliwack Spinners & Weavers Guild Crafts Contact: Betty Sheppard Phone: (604) 794-7805

  4. Hometown Hobbies & Toys Crafts Contact: Pete & Diane Neufeld Phone: 604-824-7529

  5. Piece Makers Quilting Guild Crafts Contact: Denise Vriend Phone: (604) 794-3797 or Phyllis Evanson at (604) 824-9976

  6. Red Cross Creations Crafts Contact: Arlene Bramhall or Corry Keyes Phone: (604) 792-2343

  7. Upper Fraser Valley Knitters Crafts Contact: Marlene Phone: (604) 792-3364 E-Mail:



  1. Chilliwack Curling Club  Contact: Bruce Renwick Phone: (604) 792-1572



  1. Aberdeen School of Highland Dance Contact: Marnie Ring-Connolly Phone: (604) 793-2221

  2. Ball Room and Latin Dancing Contact: Donna Phillips Phone: 604-316-0294

  3. Capella Dance Academy Contact: Sarah Sturrus Phone: (604) 793-2221

  4. Centre Stage Dance Studio Contact: Karen Mason-Albert Phone: (604) 792-9969

  5. Chilliwack World Dance Group Contact: Leonne Beebe Phone: (604) 796-3382 E-Mail: Description: Enjoy learning to dance exciting new "world dances", which combine familiar dance steps with current world and cultural music. This unique dance choreography provides an opportunity for people of different ages and dance-ability levels to dance together for "Fun, Friends and fitness, too!" We dance Thursday evenings from 7-9pm at the Chilliwack Arts Centre Banquet Hall. Our Easy Dancing Group (7-8) pm is easy paced - an ideal group to join if you/your family are new to dance movements or if you have past dance experience but prefer an easier pace. Seniors and families with supervised children are most welcome. Our More Dancing Group (8-9 pm) has more advanced dances and a faster pace - an ideal group to join if you have previous dance experience and are new to world dance. We also have a Demonstration Group for community events. In-class registration (drop-in rates available) Winter: Jan. 11-March 22; Spring 07; March 29-May 31. Come and join the Spirit of Chilliwack Active Communities movement!

  6. Pacific Allstar Cheerleading is a program for athletes of all ages and skill levels. The club offers a state of the art facility, sprung floor, tumble trak and the best coaching. Register today by phone or contact us on our website. Don't miss this great opportunity to tumble with an amazing coach! Contact Peter Parrotta at Phone: 604-838-6860 Website: Address:106-45778 Gaetz Street, Chilliwack E-mail here. Contact: see website Phone: 604-798-8006 Website:

  7. Fleita Tutte School of Dance Contact: Kathy McGrath Phone: (604)-794-7430

  8. FootSteps Dance Centre Contact: Kathi Gofers Phone: (604) 858-0808

  9. Fraser Valley Horizon Club Contact: Peter Van DerMaden Phone: (604) 792-4566

  10. Fusion Athletics (CECC) Contact: see website Phone: 778-991-6762 E-Mail: Website: Description: The other email address is and another website is

  11. Happy Tappers (Tap Dance) Contact: Beryl Wilson Phone: (604) 792-6696

  12. Images Dance Studio Contact: Donna Kozak Phone: (604) 795-9890

  13. Midnight Flames Line Dancers Contact: Sue Hunter Phone: (604) 858-0599 Fax: (604) 794-0014 Description: Texas Style Line Dancing Notes: All ages welcome

  14. Project Dance Contact: Amanda Quinton - Owner/Director Phone: (604) 846-3262 E-Mail: Website: Description: Ages: 2 yrs to Adult. Classes Available: Jazz, Hip Hop, RAD Ballett, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Stage, Adult Classes and Boys Classes

  15. Rhythm Reelers Square Dance Club Contact: Maggie and Ken Atkinson Phone: (604) 792-1110

  16. Round Trippers Round Dance Club Contact: Les & Caroll Brekstad Phone: (604) 858-9523

  17. Social & Latin Dance Club Contact: Donna Phillips Phone: (604) 858-4166

  18. Stompin' Outlaws Linedancers Contact: Roy Allingham Phone: (604) 793-4358

  19. Sunshine Squares Contact: Les & Caroll Brekstad Phone: (604) 858-9523


Emergency Food

  1. Salvation Army Food Bank 45746 Yale Road by appt only Mon-Fri  9am to 4 pm 604 792-0001

  2. Ruth & Naomi's Food Bank - Hours 6:30 pm to 9 pm Tuesday to Saturday and 6 pm to 7 pm Sundays. To volunteer with Ruth and Naomi's you must be 19 years or older. Supported through donations. The Mission is located at 9302B Fletcher Street in Chilliwack.

  3. Agassiz Food Bank 7069 Avenue  604-796-2585

  4. Saturday Soup Kitchens (rotating between downtown churches)

  5.     Cookes Presbyterian  45825 Wellington  604-792-2154

  6.     Chilliwack United  45835 Spadina Ave  604-792-4634

  7.     St Thomas Anglican  46048 Gore Ave  604-792-8521

  8.     St Mary's Parish  8909 Mary St  604-792-2764

  9.     Christ Lutheran  9460 Charles St  604-795-3864


Emergency Shelter

  1. Salvation Army Hostel  45746 Yale Rd  604-792-0001 Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

  2. Ann Davis Transition House  604-792-3116

  3. Xohlemet Transition House  604-858-0468



  1. Aquadel Golf Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-6896

  2. Cheam Golf Course Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-7991

  3. Chilliwack Golf & Country Club Contact: Office Phone: (604) 823-4544

  4. Cultus Golf Park Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-9902

  5. Kinkora Golf Course  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-8717

  6. Meadowlands Golf & Country Club Contact: Office Phone: (604) 792-2276

  7. Mountain Brook Golf Course Contact: Office Phone: (604) 794-7788

  8. Royalwood Golf & Country Club Contact: Office Phone: (604) 823-4653

  9. Tap-Ins Putting Course (Cultus Lake) Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-7888

  10. The Falls Golf & Country Club  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 794-3300



  1. Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-6031 Fax: (604) 858-6015 E-Mail: Website:  It is the Philosophy of Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association that all children who wish to learn the skill of hockey should have the opportunity to do so, within the limitations of available facilities, financial restrictions and available volunteer coaches. It is also the philosophy of CMHA to provide an environment in which these children can learn hockey skills, play at a level consistent with their aspirations, learn good sportsmanship and develop into young men and women that their parents and the community can be proud of.

  2. Flickers & Friends Hockey Club Contact: Wayne Simpson Phone: (604) 792-9254

  3. Green Light Adventures In-Line Hockey Contact: Dan Koenig Phone: (604) 858-6420 Fax: (604) 858-9806 E-Mail: Website:

  4. Jolly Miller Men's Rec Hockey Contact: Wayne Dueck Phone: (604) 858-7393 Fax: (604) 858-7393

  5. Jolly Miller Roller Hockey League Contact: Wayne Dueck Phone: (604) 858-7393 Fax: (604)858-7393 Jolly Miller Senior's Hockey Hockey Contact: Jerry Ciochetti Phone: (604) 792-1224

  6. Oldtimers Hockey League Contact: Ken McRoberts Phone: (604) 858-9406

  7. Upper Fraser Valley League Hockey Contact: Walter Krahn Phone: (604) 824-4018

  8. Women's Hockey Contact: Janice Balaskshin Phone: (604) 792-7797

  9. Yarrow Hockey Group  Contact: Dwayne Tibbets Phone: (604) 703-0996 Sunday morning Drop-In Hockey group

Jobs Jobs Jobs

  1. Agriculture Jobs

  2. Jobs

  3. Human Resources Job Bank

  4. Independent work search toolkit.

  5. Agriculture Jobs

  6. Personnel Services

  7. Job Mall

  8. UCFV Jobs

  9. Job Site

  10. Chilliwack Resource Centre 46010 Princess Ave. 604 702-9595

  11. Chilliwack Employment Services 203 - 46167 Yale Rd. 604 702-4664

  12. Sto:Lo Employment Services Bldg. 5, 7201 Vedder Rd. 604 847-3299

  13. Career Tracks (15-30 yrs old)  300 - 45860 Cheam Ave.  604 847-3299

  14. Community Futures (self employment) 7086 Pioneer Ave 604 796-0266


  1. B.C Registered Music Teachers Association Contact: Anya McRae Phone: (604) 847-0842 Website: Description: The BCRMTA is an association of professional private music teachers. The Chilliwack branch has been active since the mid-1940’s. Our teachers live and teach in the communities of Chilliwack, Greendale, Hope, Promontory, Rosedale, Ryder Lake, Sardis and Yarrow and have a wide range of experience, from the seasoned teacher to those fairly new to the profession of teaching music. As of July 2008 our membership stands at 22. Our teachers accept students of all ages and offer lessons in piano, organ, percussion, violin, voice, trumpet, as well as all Theoretical subjects.
    Special branch events for our students include Canada Music Week Recital held at the Chilliwack Arts Centre in November. Canadian music is featured exclusively. Students who have achieved First Class Honors marks in examinations through-out the year are recognized and bursaries are awarded to the students with the highest marks in 4 different divisions. Participation in the Chilliwack Lions’ Club Music and Dance Festival in February and March. Three Spring Recitals in the month of May: for Adults, Junior Students and Senior Students

  2. Chilliwack & District Pipe Band Contact: Doug Bird Phone: (604) 795-7325 E-Mail: Chilliwack Academy of Music Music Contact: Shaun Taylor, Principal Phone: (604) 792-0790 Fax: (604) 792-0731 E-Mail: Website: Description: The Chilliwack Academy of Music has provided high quality music instruction for the Chilliwack community since 1979. Operating as a non-profit charitable society, the Academy has an enrolment of approximately 650 students from newborn through adult who are taught by highly trained and experienced faculty, and is a member of the B.C. Association of Community Music Schools. Expert private and group instruction is offered in orchestral instruments, piano, guitar, voice, music history, and music theory in a caring and supportive environment. Special programs include the Academy String Orchestra, Chilliwack Festival Chorus, Intergenerational Choir, Chilliwack Musical Theatre and custom designed early childhood music classes for newborn through 5 year olds called “Music Makers.” Chilliwack Community Band/Chwk Early Music Consort Music Contact: Dale Warr Phone: (604) 792-1504

  3. Chilliwack German Canadian Club Choir Contact: Helga Kramer Phone: (604) 792-4388

  4. Chilliwack Jazz Society  Contact: Office Phone: (604) 795-3600

  5. Chilliwack School of Performing Arts Contact: Office Phone: (604) 792-9469 E-Mail: Website:  Description: A non-profit organization that teaches singing, dancing and acting to children aged 5-18 yrs. Located at 45898 Victoria Avenue in Chilliwack.

  6. Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra & Chorus Contact: Don Preston Phone: (604) 792-9107 Fax: (604) 792-7356 E-Mail: Website:

  7. Fraser Valley Youth Pipe Band  Contact: Angie McDermid Phone: (604) 858-5215 Website: Fraser Valley Youth Pipe Band Music Contact: Heather Clarke Phone: (604) 823-6608 Website:

  8. Green Heart Chorus of Sweet Adelines Contact: Eva Lock Phone: (604) 793-9124

  9. Mini-Musik Studios  Contact: Mrs. Trish Nichols Phone: (604) 793-4327 E-Mail: Notes: Address:
    #104A - 8645 Young Road Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 4P3

  10. Music for Young Children  Contact: info line Phone: (604) 858-9666

  11. Chilliwack Harmony Chorus  Anyone interested in participating in an a cappella community chorus singing in the barbershop style is invited to visit us. If you love music and desire the thrill of four part harmony this is your chance. Sweet Adelaides are welcome! Look for weekly fellowship and voice training. We meet Wednesday nights at 7 PM in Christ Lutheran Church, 9460 Charles St. Chilliwack. Please use the website for further information.

Painting and Drawing

  1. Chilliwack Artists Association Contact: Daryl Ball Phone: (604) 792-6419 E-Mail: Website: Description: The Chilliwack Artists Association is a not for profit organization of local artists working and playing together in an effort to encourage the appreciation of Art in all forms. Notes: Artwork is shown periodically at City Hall and/or the Artists' Gallery at the Chilliwack Arts Centre.

  2. Golden Palette Club  Contact: Evelyn Rouseau Phone: (604) 858-8606

  3. Monday Painters  Contact: Isa Taylor Phone: (604) 796-2470

Real Estate

  1. Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board (CADREB)

  2. Real Estate Council of BC

  3. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA)

  4. Canada Mortgage & Housing


  1. BC Seniors Games Seniors Contact: Helen Dejean Phone: (604) 824-7963

  2. Columbia Valley Regional Contact: Ken Teschke Phone: (604) 858-9774

  3. Cultus Lake OAPO #164 Contact: Edie Phone: 604-858-6770

  4. Kiwanis Golden K Contact: Delphin Benjamin Phone: 604-793-0459

  5. Probus Club of Mount Cheam Contact: Madaline Stewart Phone: 604-858-7370

  6. Seniors Unlimited Contact: Bill Hardie Phone: 604-858-4237

  7. Yarrow Seniors Citizens Society Contact: Marie Rehsler Phone: 604-823-4325



  1. Wednesday Night Two Pitch  Contact: Bob Barrett Phone: (604) 824-0683

  2. Chilliwack Ladies Slo-Pitch  Contact: Kathy Apps Phone: (604) 824-1556

  3. Chilliwack Men's Slo-Pitch  Contact: Denis Robertson Phone: (604) 795-3238

  4. Chilliwack Minor Baseball Association  Contact: Glen Trojanoski Phone: (604) 858-7757 E-Mail: Website:

  5. Chilliwack Minor Fastpitch Association  Contact: Phone: website E-Mail:

  6. Chilliwack Orthodox Softball League  Contact: Trevor Carne Phone: (604) 858-8538

  7. Chilliwack Seniors Slo Pitch  Contact: John Bryan Phone: (604) 824-0593

  8. Chilliwack Softball Association  Contact: Ron Wedel Phone: (604) 823-4641

  9. Chilliwack Two Pitch League  Contact: Scott Borle Phone: (604)796-0779

  10. Jolly Miller Slo-Pitch League Contact: Chris Parr Phone: (604) 858-7468 E-Mail: Website: Notes: To submit game scores please submit to or visit the website.

  11. Ladies Softball Association  Contact: Ron Wedel Phone: (604) 823-4641

  12. Wildlife Slo-Pitch Contact: Phone: website E-Mail: Website: Description: Each team must have a minimum of 3 girls on the field when fielding 8 or 9 players. If using 10 players, there must be at least 4 girls on the field. Maximum of 16 players per team per game. Maximum of 10 men per team, no maximum for girls. Minimum age for players is 19. Notes: League play starts the beginning of April and ends in mid-July. We have a mid-season Tournament in June and a year-end Tournament the last weekend in July. League games are played Wednesday nights only until the 3rd week of June. Starting the last Monday in June, games are played on Monday and Wednesday nights.


Martial Arts

  1. Chilliwack Central Karate Club  Contact: Dan Nicholson Phone: 604-845-8845 E-Mail: Description: Our Kid's programs are uniquely designed to be fun and exciting, while instilling confidence and self-discipline to children of all ages. Our Adult programs can help you achieve your fitness goeas, relieve stress, and make new friends, all while developing self-defense skills and a love of the martial arts. Notes: We are located at Chilliwack Elementary School, on Young Road. Our programs run year round, and new students are always welcome. Call anytime for more information!

  2. Chilliwack Chito-Ryu Karate Club  Contact: Paul Dagilis Phone: (604)793-4849

  3. Family Fitness Martial Arts  Contact: Joe Robertson Phone: 604-858-8887 Website: Description: Karate and Fitness club located on Vedder Road (in the building formerly known as The Foresters Hall). We have been serving the community for nealy 10 years. Our club is family oriented with a very flexible training schedule. We believe in personal growth through physical and mental training.

  4. Revolution Mixed Martial Arts Gym  Contact: Racheal T / Brian G. Phone: 604-795-2972 E-Mail: Description: Located at #102-8030 Enterprise Drive, Chilliwack BC, teaches Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA to beginners and families, advanced practitioner all the way up to competing amateurs and professionals.

  5. Sho bu Kai Martial Arts Contact: Troy Metzler Phone: (604) 858-7700 Sho Bu Kai Karate Martial Arts Contact: Kelly Neufeld Phone: 604-819-7255 E-Mail: Description: A youth after school program is also available please contact the club at the above number for more information.

  6. Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada  Contact: Chilliwack Branch Phone: (604) 795-4040 Description: The Chilliwack branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society had it beginning at the YMCA in the fall of 1990. In the capable hands of Etta Richmond, it held it's first meeting as a satellite of the Surrey branch in March of 1991. We started with approximately thirty members and two dedicated volunteer instructors who drove from Surrey every Saturday for three years to get it established. Since then, because one of the benefits is improvement of balance, we can say that we have added hundreds of “upright Citizens” to the population. Our branch now has a core of about ninety regular members, nine accredited instructors and several apprentices. We instruct beginners’ classes twice a year – in the Spring and the Fall. The club is open at various times, 7 days a week.

    Our central location is on Yale Rd. We also have satellite classes around the area including Agassiz and Yarrow. Because our dedicated staff is voluntary we can fulfill our goal of making the health giving benefits of Taoist Tai Chi affordable and available to everyone. We would be pleased to give you more information on how you can help improve your health through Tai Chi. Our instructors would also be pleased to give presentations and demonstrations. Give us a call, you are always welcome. Notes: Located at 45787 Yale Rd, Chilliwack BC, V2P 2N5

  7. Tesshinkan Ryukyu Bunka Kai Kan Contact: Donald E. Shapland Phone: 604-858-3744 E-Mail here. Website: Description: We teach Shorinryu Traditional Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo, Japanese Language, Shodo, (Japanese calligraphy) Iaido, (Japanese Swordsmanship) JuJutsu, and self defense suitable for law enforcement. We are located in the previous Basketball Academy at 45750 Alder Ave. in Sardis. Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan

  8. Valley Shidokan Karate  Contact: Don Sharp Phone: (604) 858-2807 E-Mail here Website: Description: Fitness and personal development through martial arts training.


Miscellaneous Local Links

  1. Fraser Valley Focus - Fraser Valley Focus is a community oriented travel guide, with activities and links to attractions, events, entertainment and travel information for the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada.


Community Sports

  1. Cheam Whiskey Jacks Snowmobile Club Contact: John LeJune Phone: (604) 796-3279

  2. Chilliwack Chito-Ryu Karate Club  Contact: Paul Dagilis Phone: (604) 793-4849

  3. Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club
    The Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club is a Non-profit Society established in 2001. The Society is committed to assisting and overseeing activities which encourage, promote and develop teams within the Fraser Valley through Dragon Boat and OC programs. Our efforts are to help any and all individuals to develop new skills, create and strengthen friendships, encourage sportsmanship, embrace healthy competition and promote good health through active participation in these water sports. Enriching lives one race at a time.

  4. Chilliwack Horseshoe Club  Contact: Oscar Hoyseth Phone: (604) 847-0434 Description: Alternate Contact:
    Oscar Hoyseth, Vice President at 604-703-1401 Mailing Address: 6447 Tyson Road  Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 1W5
    **Horseshoe pitching each Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

  5. Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Society  Contact: Betty/Bill Fergusson Phone: (604) 824-1199

  6. Chilliwack Tennis Club  Contact: Daven Atma Phone: 604-858-7404 E-Mail: Description: Outdoor Drop-in Tennis Club, currently meeting at Watson-Glen and/or Portage Park on Tuesday evenings. Please call the above numbersfor more information. Notes: You may also contact Gudrun Anderson @ 604-794-7515 or email her at

  7. Chilliwack Triathlon Club  Contact: Phone: website E-Mail: Website:

  8. Chilliwack Ultimate League  Contact: Iain & April Gardner Phone: (604) 792-9591 E-Mail: Website:

  9. Ladies Volleyball  Contact: Heather Meikle Phone: (604) 824-0369 

  10. Ladies Volleyball League Contact: Trudy Hall Phone: (604) 858-6288

  11. Mt. Cheam Cycling Club  Contact: Dan Douglas Phone: (604) 795-BIKE

  12. Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities Contact: Daphne Clegg Phone: (604) 858-2149

  13. Sho bu Kai  Contact: Troy Metzler Phone: (604) 858-7700

  14. Special Olympics - Chilliwack  Contact: Jacque Lemieux Phone: 604-858-5013

  15. St. Mary's Badminton Club - Adult  Contact: St. Mary's Parish Phone: (604) 792-2764

  16. Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada  Contact: Chilliwack Branch Phone: (604) 795-4040 Description: The Chilliwack branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society had it beginning at the YMCA in the fall of 1990. In the capable hands of Etta Richmond, it held it's first meeting as a satellite of the Surrey branch in March of 1991.  We started with approximately thirty members and two dedicated volunteer instructors who drove from Surrey every Saturday for three years to get it established. Since then, because one of the benefits is improvement of balance, we can say that we have added hundreds of “upright Citizens” to the population. Our branch now has a core of about ninety regular members, nine accredited instructors and several apprentices. We instruct beginners’ classes twice a year – in the Spring and the Fall. The club is open at various times, 7 days a week. Our central location is on Yale Rd. We also have satellite classes around the area including Agassiz and Yarrow. Because our dedicated staff is voluntary we can fulfill our goal of making the health giving benefits of Taoist Tai Chi affordable and available to everyone. We would be pleased to give you more information on how you can help improve your health through Tai Chi. Our instructors would also be pleased to give presentations and demonstrations. Give us a call, you are always welcome. Notes: Located at 45787 Yale Rd, Chilliwack BC, V2P 2N5

  17. The Chilliwack Rugby Club  Contact: Morgan Andreassen Phone: (604) 814-5056 E-Mail: Website:  Adult and youth

  18. Tukon Judo Club Contact: Steve Plalin Phone: (604) 795-0332  For youth and adults.

  19. Unsworth Badminton Club  Contact: Faye Wedel Phone: (604) 823-4641

  20. Women's Badminton  Contact: Anne Russell Phone: (604) 795-2826 Woodside Riding School Other Sports Contact: Heather O'Grady Phone: 604-858-7338

  21. Trans Canada Basketball Skills Training. Contact Peter Kymta for more information about training programs and camps that run throughout the year in Chilliwack. Learn more at or e-mail here for more details.

Outdoor Sports

  1. Canadian Power & Sailing Squadron Contact: Bruce Matheson Phone: (604) 824-8616

  2. Chilliwack Center of Excellence Kayak Club Contact: Shonnet Allen Phone: (604) 858-0877

  3. Chilliwack Hiking Club Contact: E-Mail: Website: Description: A hiking club offering day hikes for people of all ages and fitness levels throughout the Fraser Valley including Chilliwack & the Vancouver region. Also offers hiking trail descriptions, maps, hiking photos, outdoor resources and member profiles. Sign up for the free email newsletter on the website to receive regular upcoming hike notifications. Website:  Email: 
    Contact: Brent Purves

  4. Chilliwack River Rafting Contact: Russ Brown Phone: (604) 824-0334

  5. Cultus Lake Sailing Club Contact: Christine Masson Phone: (604) 858-8678

  6. Ducks Unlimited Contact: Henry Kozler Phone: (604) 792-4318

  7. Field Naturalist Club Contact: Denis Knopp Phone: (604) 858-5141

  8. Fish and Game Club of Chilliwack Contact: Chris Dodd Phone: 604-795-3665 E-Mail:

  9. Fish and Wildlife Branch Contact: office Phone: (604) 795-8422

  10. Fraser Valley Rowing Club Contact: Liz Chisholm Phone: (604) 824-9190

  11. Fraser Valley Salmon Society Contact: Chris Gadsden Phone: (604) 823-4637 Description: Alternate Contact Person: Fred Helmer at 604-858-7344

  12. Mt. Cheam Volkssport Club Outdoor Contact: Vicki Mathieu Phone: (604) 858-1819

  13. Outdoor Club of Chilliwack Contact: Gary Baker Phone: (604) 858-4928 Website: Description: A Valley too beautiful to ignore!... With its rugged mountains, raging streams, and quiet country roads, the upper Fraser Valley offers unparallelled opportunities for enjoyment of nature and invigorating exercise in the outdoors. Notes: The Outdoor Club is a group of men & women of different ages & levels of ability. We invite you to join us in experiencing our natural environment.

  14. Paddle Performance Kayak School Contact: Saski Vanmourik Phone: (604) 793-3501 E-Mail: Website:

  15. Valley Power & Sail Squadron Contact: Al Collier Phone: (604) 824-1983 Description: "Volunteers teaching safe boating" We serve the Hope, Agassiz, Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Mission areas. Boating classes are available.

  16. Chilliwack FC Soccer Contact: Fred Willmets Phone: (604) 858-6656

  17. Chilliwack Men's Rec Soccer Contact: Kris Reddemen Phone: (604) 824-0122 Website:

  18. Chilliwack Youth Soccer Association Contact: see website Phone: see website Fax: (604) 858-9750 E-Mail: Website: Description: Youth Soccer (ages 4-19 boys & girls) Notes: Yearly Registrations in May & June Duke's

  19. Shooters - Metro Women's Soccer Contact: Kelly Willmets Phone: (604) 795-4244

  20. Green Light Adventures Over 40 Co-Ed Contact: Thomas Bruckbauer Phone: (604) 858-2140

  21. Greg's Classics - Metro Women's Soccer Contact: Wilma Kliever Phone: (604) 792-8707

  22. Valley Shooters  Metro Ladies Soccer Contact: Lil Duffey Phone: (604) 795-7036

  23. Spartan Swim Club Contact: Office Phone: (604) 858-SWIM Website:

  24. Stingrays Summer Swim Club Contact: Info line Phone: (604) 858-9894 Website:


Support Groups

  1. Chilliwack Bereavement Support  Contact: Mary Jean Buchannan Phone: 604-792-5436 Website: The death of a loved one is a very traumatic experience and the need for moral support and understanding from someone who has experienced similar circumstances is a great help. Recognizing this, Chilliwack Bereavement Support offers a variety of programs to help you during this difficult time. Notes: The BC Bereavement Helpline is also available for resources.  Please call toll free 1-877-779-2223 Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

  2. Chilliwack Optimist Club  Contact: Samantha Mohan Phone: (604) 703-0095 E-Mail: Website: Description: The Chilliwack Optimist Club is a service club focused on the youths of our community. We assist in providing financial and practical support to youths and their families. Some of the programs we support and contribute to include: Just Say No Club, Special Needs Bike via "Pedal Sport", Pacific Riding for the Disabled, 4-PEERS Youth Prevention Program, D.A.R.E. Program, Dry Grad, and many more. Notes: Chilliwack Optimists meet on the 1st Saturday of each month in the Homestead Room at the Royal Hotel at 10:00am. They also meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:15pm at varying locations. Please call Samantha Mohan @ (604) 703-0095 for details.

  3. Chilliwack Seniors Peer Counselling Contact: Pam Wilson Phone: (604) 792-9095

  4. Living With Cancer Support Group  Contact: Team Leader Phone: (604) 824-1404 Description: Meets first Wednesday every month at 7:00 pm at the Rhombus Hotel.



  1. Chilliwack Players Guild Theatre Contact: Chilliwack Arts Centre Phone: (604) 792-2069 E-Mail: Website: Description: The Players Guild is part of a Chilliwack community theatre tradition that spans more than forty years, and we're proud to have been the resident theatre company at the Chilliwack Arts Centre since 1985. We've won numerous awards, most recently at the 2007 provincial Mainstage festival for our acclaimed production of "Proof".

    Our all-volunteer membership is made up of local residents who are interested in theatre -- on stage as well as behind the scenes. If you have a desire to "tread the boards", or if your interest lies in helping out with costumes, makeup, set painting, ushering, or any of the many opportunities involved in a production, you are more than welcome. A monthly newsletter keeps members informed of upcoming productions, workshops, social events, and general meetings. Whether you're someone who's just curious or a lifelong theatre enthusiast -- come and join us!

    For more information, you can contact us at or just join us at one of our meetings. Please visit our website at for dates and times.

  2. UCFV Drama Dept.  Contact: Box Office Phone: (604) 795-2814  Contact: Ian Fenwick Phone: (604) 795-2838

  3. Chilliwack Community Arts Council - The group have located in the Vedder Village Mall. Please call 604-769-ARTS (2787) or visit for information on the wide assortment of classes and programs.

Seniors Centres

  1. Chilliwack Seniors Recreation Centre 9400 College Street, Chilliwack  Phone: (604) 792-4549
    Activities include: Bingo, Duplicate Bridge, Carpet Bowling, Whist, Crib, Tai chi, Table Tennis, Line Dancing, Pool, Shuffleboard and Curling Games and Pot Luck Dinners.
    Coffee and light lunches are available.

  2. Old Age Pensioners Organization #173  5725 Tyson Road, Sardis Phone: (604) 858-4066
    Activities include: Paper Tolle, Bingo, Carpet Bowling, Whist, Line Dancing, Floor ShuffleBoard, Darts, Cards, Rummoli, Ham Radio and Pot Luck Dinners.

  3. Seniors Veteran Society 9233 Main Street, Chilliwack Phone: (604) 792-5850
    Activities include: Carpet Bowling and Bingo.

  4. Cultus Lakers - O.A.P. #164 Cultus Lake Community Centre Phone: (604) 858-7504
    Activities include: Line Dancing, Exercise Classes, Card Games and Pot Luck Dinners.

  5. Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 280 5661 Vedder Road, Sardis Phone: (604) 858-3600
    Activities include: Seniors Wednesday. Drop in for Cards, Darts and Pool.

  6. Evergreen Seniors Carpet Bowlers Mondays and Thursdays, 9 am - 11 am in the Cheam Room at Evergreen Hall. This group runs from September to June. For more information please call Eric Schier at Phone: (604) 795-9883.


Seniors Groups

  1. B.C. Old Age Pensioners Organization - Cultus Lake
    Ethylmary Knight (604) 858-7504

  2. B.C. Old Age Pensioners Organization - Sardis
    Hall (604) 858-4066

  3. Chilliwack and District Seniors Resources Society Office (604) 793-9979 Fax (604) 793-9966

  4. Chilliwack Seniors Recreation Centre Society
    Hall (604) 792-4549 

  5. Chilliwack Seniors Soccer Club

    Irnie Tribe (604) 824-1720

  6. Chilliwack Seniors Social Society
    Joe Tell (604) 793-9765

  7. Chilliwack Senior Veteran's Society
    Info Line (604) 792-5850

  8. Columbia Valley Senior Assn.
    Anna Ehro Phone:(604)858-3594

  9. Duplicate Bridge Club
    Robert Percher (604) 792-4389

  10. Elder College
    Pat Clarke - (604)702-2611

  11. Evergreen Seniors Carpet Bowlers
    Eric Schier (604) 795-9883

  12. Federal Superannuates
    Office Phone: (604) 795-6011

  13. Golden Age Entertainment Club of Chilliwack
    Jack Dyck (604) 792-6603

  14. Kiwanis Golden K
    Dave Stellard (604) 858-0365

  15. Mt. Cheam Seniors Citizen Association
    May Armstrong (604) 794-7367

  16. Salvation Army Rainbow Country Seniors
    Esther Price (604) 792-0311

  17. Seniors Unlimited
    Kathleen Ludlum (604) 858-6994

  18. St. Thomas Seniors
    Ron Duke (604) 792-3290

  19. Yarrow Senior Citizens Society
    Peter Friesen (604) 823-6067

  20. Bus Tours
    Provides bus tours for members of the Chilliwack & District Senior Resources Society.  For information on upcoming bus tours, click here.

  21. Brisk Fit
    A great way to get fit with the professionally trained instructors from the YMCA. Open to those 55 and over, held Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00 to 9:45 am.

  22. Equipment Registry
    This service links people who have rehabilitation equipment they wish to sell with others who wish to acquire this equipment.

  23. Housing Registry
    Offers updated information on all rental apartments in Chilliwack suitable for Seniors, including low rental complexes and care facilities.

  24. Seniors Repair Service
    Low cost minor house repairs and maintenance for Seniors and disabled persons on fixed incomes. The senior repair service does not do any work on stratas or apartments.

  25. Assistance With Income Tax Preparation
    Trained volunteers are available from February to April to assist low income seniors with tax preparation..

  26. Stride Inside - Mall Walking Program
    Cottonwood Mall: Monday to Saturday, 7:30 - 9:30 am.

  27. Volunteer Grocery Shopping Program
    Available on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 11:30am for those seniors who cannot grocery shop for themselves. Phone: (604) 795-3727

  28. Weekly Badminton & Table Tennis
    Badminton is open to those 50 years and over and is held every Wednesday from 1:30 - 3:00 pm at the Evergreen Hall.


Volunteering Opportunities

  1. Community Drivers Community Drivers is a car service staffed by volunteer drivers using their own vehicles to transport people to medical and therapy appointments, locally and long distance. Service is offered Monday through Friday. 48 hours advance notice is required. A km fee is charged. (Chilliwack Community Services)

  2. Chilliwack Lions Club The Chilliwack Lions Club provides financial support to the BC Society of crippled children, who in turn supply the Easter Seal Buses throughout the province, the White Cane Club, and many one-on-one community projects. Hall available for rent. Meeting held monthly. Nonprofit organization.

  3. The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary provides daily service to help ease the comfort of patients, e.g. hospital cart, magazine case. Also opertates baby display case and the thrift store at 9236 Main Street (604-793-9222).

  4. Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children provides hearing assistance for any child up to the age 18 from low-income families. The fund is to provide services and financial assistance when it is not available through any other sources or where a parents are not a financial capacity to be able to provide these services from regular income. Provides hearing and auditory assistance, A non-profit organization. 604-824-5517

  5. Cultus Lake OAPA is an organization open to persons interested in promoting matters pertaining to their welfare and social activities. Provides donations and charity work for various organizations. General meetings are held once a month. Anyone over the age of 50 can become a member. 604-858-8965 Ken Pierson (Pres)

  6. Junior Hospital Volunteers offers an opportunity for youth ages 14 and older to volunteer in the hospital. Runs from October to May. Call Elly Froese 604-792-1942

  7. Crisis Line - (Emergency Services) The Crisis Line offers a telephone support service for people in distress providing an opportunity to dicuss personal problems. Trained and supervised volunteers assist callers in alleviating their crisis by listening, supporting and not making judgements. 1-877-820-7444

  8. Chilliwack Mt Cheam Children's Lions assist children with a variety of needs. Please submit written requests. Address: Box 316
    Chilliwack , BC  V2P 6J1

  9. Red Cross Medical Equipment Rentals - Red Cross Society (Chilliwack Branch) Offers sickroom equipment including hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, commodes and crutches. Equipment on free loan up to 3 months for home use. A prescription from a doctor or other professionals is required for equipment to assist patient mobility. Open 9 am to 12 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Address: 9290 Mary Street
    Chilliwack , BC V2P 6J1 Phone: 604-792-2343 Fax: 604-792-2783

  10. Fraser Valley Child Development Centre The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre provides services to special needs children from birth to school entry, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, family services, and child and family therapy. Offers the Infant Development Program for children from birth to three years of age who are at risk for, or who already have a developmental delay. Also provides a program for children with autism. The Abbotsford and Chilliwack offices offer the Supported Child Care Program, which provides support so that children with special needs can access typical child care settings. In addition, provides occupational therapy and physiotherapy to school-age children through contracts with the local school boards. Serves Abbotsford, Boston Bar, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission, and communities in between.

  11. Kiwanis Club - Helps fundraise to support community projects such as Family Place, TLC Daycare, Bicycle Safety and Cancer Drive. A nonprofit organization. Address: PO Box 104 Chilliwack , BC V2P 6H7 Phone: 604-702-4614

  12. St. John Ambulance Brigade (St. John Ambulance) The St. John Ambulance Brigade offers a group of volunteers to provide free first aid services at several community events. Training hours and meeting hours are on weekends. Must be 18 years or older to become a volunteer. 202-45928 Hocking Avenue
    Chilliwack , BC Phone: 604-792-1338 Fax: 604-792-1280 E-mail:

  13. Chilliwack Society for Community Living Chilliwack Society for Community Living provides support and services to people with developmental disabilities. Hours are from 8:30 am to 12 pm and 12:30 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Nonprofit

  14. Chilliwack Community Policing Services  - provides programs with the police and community working together to better address the concerns of the public to ensure a safer community. Hours 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursdays and 10 am to 3 pm Fridays. Address: 45877 Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2C8 Phone: 604-393-3000 Fax: 604-393-3032

  15. Volunteer Chilliwack recruits volunteers on behalf of a variety of community organizations. Acts as a resource and consultant to volunteer organizations. Provides assistance in development and training.

  16. Chilliwack Community Services Chilliwack Community Services is an independent local charity providing caring community services to help people make positive change in their lives. CCS operates out of five locations in Chilliwack and Sardis. Staff and volunteers work side by side to deliver programs that include a wide range of family support, early childhood development, youth, employment and other community services. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4pm.

  17. Eating Disorder Resource Centre of BC Provides information, referral and education about eating disorders. Offers a resource library of books, videos, educational handouts and referral directory. Runs an annual Eating Disorder Awareness week campaign, and welcomes volunteer participation. Hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

  18. Meals on Wheels (Chilliwack Community Services) Meals on Wheels is a voluntary service consisting of delivery of reasonably priced hot meals to those whose physical, emotional, mental or social condition handicaps their ability to obtain or prepare adequate meals for themselves. Volunteers deliver meals by car Monday through Friday.

  19. Community Futures Development Corporation Community Futures Development Corporation provides business training and business financing to rural entrepreneurs to help them start, grow or expand successful businesses - facilitating economic growth at grass roots level. A non-profit, community operated organization consisting of committed volunteers and staff who provide leadership and act as catalysts to improve the social, cultural and economic well being of rural communities. see also 604-824-1011

  20. Agassiz-Harrison Community Services Agassiza-Harrison Community Services is a multi-service agency providing over 20 programs including: Family counseling and support, Youth Justice Programs, Alcohol & Drug programs, Community Employment Services, Youth Activity Centre, Early Childhood Resource Centre, Better Beginnings, The Family Place, The Youth Centre, "Nobody's Perfect" Parenting Program, Emergency Food Bank, Family Support/Youth Outreach, Substance Misuse Services, Victims Assistance Program, Senior Peer Counsellors, Friendly Phone Program, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Skills Link Program and Thrift Store. Administration is open 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. 604-796-2585

  21. Camp River Ladies Circle provides donations to 10 different organizations with earnings from their annual tea and bake sale in November and their annual strawberry function in June. Meetings are held monthly from October to June. Address: BC
    Phone: 604-794-7415

  22. Chilliwack Bobbinlace Group  The Chilliwack Bobbinlace Group meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month from September to December and January to June. Meetings are held at Evergreen hall located at 9291 Corbould St, Chilliwack. To join the group please call Do Zwart at 604-824-2123 Contact Name: Do Zwart Address: 9291 Corbould Street, Evergreen Hall, Minto Room, Chilliwack , BC  Phone: 604-824-2123

  23. The Driver Program provides transportation services to take patients to and from cancer clinics and other cancer related appointments. Services offered free of charge. Phone by 4pm the day before your appointment or on Friday by 4pm if your appointment is on Monday. Volunteers for the office are desperately needed. Please call the office at 604-792-3984 to learn more about volunteering for the office. Address: 9143 Young Street, Chilliwack , BC  V2P 4G9 Phone: 604-795-2351 Fax: 604-792-9403

  24. The Canadian Cancer Society - Chilliwack Unit provides emergency aid, education programs, volunteer driver programs to those living with cancer. Call 604-792-3984. Please note that we are in great need for volunteers to work in the office. Please call the office for more information about volunteering.

  25. Mount Cheam Lions (BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities) Mount Cheam Lions offers people the opportunity to give something back to their communities from involving members in projects that are continually changing to meet new needs. A non-profit organization. Meetings are held on weekdays. Check our website for details.

  26. Yarrow Family Place offers a drop-in centre for parents and preschoolers. Open Tues & Thurs 9am-11:30am. Drop-in located in the Yarrow Community School Portable 18. Contact Name: Sherry Address: 4605 North Wilson Road
    Yarrow , BC   Phone: 604-792-1631

  27. Ruth Rebekah Lodge #4 provides aid in housing development and contributes to the Arthritis Society, to eye research and to community projects. Bursaries to local high school students and Chilliwack Music Festival. Meetings held twice a month. Contact Name: Darlene Engelhart Address: 46008 Reece Avenue, Chilliwack , BC  V2P 3A5 Phone: 604-792-4190

  28. Chilliwack Bereavement Support Society Chilliwack Bereavement Support Society offers a variety of programs and resources for family members and friends of all ages grieving all types of deaths.

  29. Speed Watch provides volunteers to monitor speed control in neighbourhoods. To volunteer must be 19 to 70 years old and have a clean driving record. Address: 45877 Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack , BC  V2P 2C8 Phone: 604-393-3000 Fax: 604-393-3032

  30. Block Watch - neighbours are encouraged to keep in touch with one another and take notice of strange vehicles, drug related occurences in their neighbourhood. Address: 45877 Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack , BC
    V2P 2C8 Phone: Office:604-393-3000 Fax: 604-393-3032

  31. Citizens on Patrol volunteers work directly under supervision of the RCMP and area trained in crime prevention techniques, then patrol in teams of two on scheduled days in their own vehicles looking for occuring and potential crime. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month and must be 19 years old or over. Contact Name: Mike O'Cain Contact Title: CCOP Coordinator Address: 45877 Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack , BC  V2P 2C8 Phone: 604-393-3012 Fax: 604-393-3032