Lawyer cites laundry list of complaints in suit against Glen Hansman









n Wednesday, incumbent School Board Trustee Barry Neufeld told The Voice that he's suing BC Teacher's Federation president (BCTF) Glen Hansman for defamation of character.


Ever since Neufeld came out of the closet against SOGI, the alt-left has been gleefully gnawing  away at him even though he represents a segment of the community who don't like SOGI.


When this issue first surfaced, SOGI supporters have wanted Neufeld to apologize and fall on his sword.


On Wednesday Hansman Tweeted about the Kari Simpson case.


But Neufeld refused to back down and go back in the closet and the slurs went up one side of him and down the other, and according to Neufeld's lawyer, Paul E. Jaffe, they ended up being issued directly from the desk of the BCTF president.


Jaffe, says Hansman's remarks were off-base insinuating that his client's moral fibre and mental wellness were in question hence making him unfit to hold public office and by "imputing criminal conduct to him."

The basis for the lawsuit include Hansman's statements:

• He promotes hatred.

• His comments made it "unsafe" for LGBTQ students at schools.

• He "shouldn't be anywhere near students."

• He expressed "hateful comments about trans people."

• He made "transphobic" comments.

He violated the BC Human Rights Code.

• He is unfit to be a school board trustee because of his age.

• He is a religious bigot who imposes his religious views on students.

• He is transphobic, homophobic, racist and/or misogynistic.

• He called teachers who support transgender students "child abusers."

• He was unfit to hold public office and "should step down or be removed."

• He is creating a school environment "that is discriminatory and hateful

• He "tip-toed quite far into hate speech"; and his comments compromised student safety.


"As freedom of thought and expression are fundamental to democracy, Mr. Neufeld believes his community deserves better than to have its elected trustees bullied into silence by those seeking to prevent debate," wrote Jaffe. "Furthermore, the many who share Mr. Neufeld's serious concerns about SOGI 123 deserve better than to be defamed by assertions of such vile motivation as hate, bigotry, intolerance and homophobia."


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