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Two for the Show

Double bill of roots, blues & gospel music for the soul Sept 3
Emanuel Asprakis, Bozzini's


Linda McRae and Thad Beckman will be performing at Bozzini's Restaurant on Saturday, September 3.


ozzini's is presenting a double bill of epic proportions featuring former Vancouverite Linda McRae, now based in Nashville and Thad Beckman from Portland, Oregon. Both artists will be performing solo sets before joining up for some of the sweetest sounds you'll ever here.


On September 4th Linda McRae will be entering the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame in recognition of her 30-year career as a one of Canada's finest musicians as well as performing to hundreds of adoring fans in Vancouver. However, the night before Bozzini's Upstairs is delighted to have Linda perform in our intimate little venue for the first time.

Facebook event page here.

Linda McRae is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has built a following through amazing albums and a tireless international touring schedule.


Though perhaps best-known by many for her eight-year tenure as a member of the platinum-selling band Spirit of the West, as well as having recorded with the Wonder Stuff, Rodney Decroo, Gurf Morlix, Neko Case, Bruce Cockburn, the Waltons and many many more, Linda had already raised a daughter and performed for more than ten years with west coast punk and roots outfits before joining that band.


Performing on banjo, guitar and accordion her warm and world-weary voice, unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, make McRae a captivating and sought-after artist. Linda has performed in venues as diverse as Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre and California’s New Folsom Prison, where she performs and facilitates writing workshops for the inmates.


These experiences lead to the creation of her Express Yourself Writing Workshops currently being presented in detox centres, alternative schools, and youth and adult correctional facilities across North America. Linda’s last album Shadow Trails, released to great critical acclaim, was produced by Steve Dawson, another former Vancouverite now living in Nashville.

Canadian Roots & Blues legend Colin Linden had this to say about Linda, "When all the trends fade and become dated, and all the music from the cutting edge becomes dull, Linda McRae will continue to stand tall, singing and playing music with honest soul and humility, cutting through the fog with her timeless clarity. Linda is one of the true, soulful pioneers of honest roots music."

Austin's Gurf Morlix who's glowing review of our venue and the best audience around from his performance here in the Spring has opened the door to great artists like Linda & Thad had this to say about McRae, "Linda's absolute love of traditional roots music runs deep down into the Appalachian dirt, and it shows in everything she does. Total commitment!"

Her co-headliner, Thad Beckman, is definitely no slouch either. He has been performing professionally since 1980 in clubs, theatres, radio and television in The USA, Canada and Europe including several performances at many festivals, most notably The Kerrville Folk Festival (main stage) and The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. He has recorded nine albums of his own trademark bluesy material. From 2009 to 2015, Thad was guitarist for Tom Russell, including performances on The Late, Late Show with David Letterman, Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble and theaters, clubs, radio, television and festivals throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

“Beckman plays an engaging blend of folk, singer-songwriter and blues music. Not everyone can pull off such a combination, but Beckman has chops, writing talent, a big personality and a bag full of true stories which all dovetail for a cool show.” - Jim Beal (San Antonio Express-News).

A little more about Thad

Christmas Eve 1951: It started with a Santa Claus suit, a bottle of cheap bourbon and a momentary reprieve from the daily tumult of a bad marriage. A tradition in my family was to open one present on Christmas Eve. I know what my father unwrapped. Nine months later I was born. I can’t say it was a bad beginning but I’ve heard better stories.

11 years later. Christmas again. Under the tree, wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with red ribbon was a long cardboard box containing a guitar bought from the local department store for $13.97. The strings were so far off the frets it took a pair of vice grips to make any discernible musical sounds. A year and 52 guitar lessons later I could play Aura Lee and Amazing Grace and had the grip of a journeyman mechanic.


That same year I made my performing debut with my best friend at the school talent show. A disaster. A year later, with money I made from my paper route I bought a Harmony electric guitar and a Kalamazoo II amplifier. It changed my life. The British invasion was upon us and me and my buddies would strap on our guitars, turn up the stereo full blast and lip sync along with our favorite tunes from the likes of The Beatles or The Dave Clark Five or The Rolling Stones or The Animals. It was glorious.


Finally, we got up the courage to plug in our guitars and start playing the songs ourselves. I can’t say it was any good but there sure were a lot of thrills. Like the first time we figured out the chords to a song. It was The Last Train from Clarksville by The Monkees. We sat in my bedroom with a portable record player and moved the needle back and forth over the 45 until it was so scratched it was unlistenable. We finally figured it out though and we were on our way. Those were the days.

And that was a long time ago. A lot has gone on since; much of which need not be mentioned here. I will close now and add that I love the blues, Bach, Dylan, Hank Williams, Leonard Cohen, Thelonius Monk, Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Bill Evans, Bonnie Raitt, Doc Watson, John Prine, Billie Holiday – well, you get the idea.


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