Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016 



Horgan's Heroes

NDP leader says his party would raise minimum hourly wage to $15

Sheena McConnell, BC NDP



ew Democrat leader John Horgan released the following statement in celebration of Labour Day:


“On Labour Day we celebrate the hard work and contributions that British Columbians make on a daily basis to help our province thrive."


“While we celebrate these efforts, we can’t forget about the ongoing struggle for fairness, equality, and the affordability issues that face thousands of workers and families. Under Christy Clark’s watch rates, fees, and the cost of living keep rising while wage growth continues to be the second lowest in Canada," he said in a release on Monday.


“While Christy Clark ignores British Columbia’s affordability crisis, the New Democrats pledge to take real action and do better. We’re going to give B.C.’s lowest-paid workers a raise and bring minimum wage up to $15 per hour in our first term in government," added Horgan.


“Hard-working British Columbians should be able to afford the basics of everyday life, but under Christy Clark’s government this isn’t a reality. It’s time for the B.C. government to step up and take action against the struggles that British Columbians are facing and the high cost of living in Christy Clark’s B.C,” he promised.



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