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Best Laid Plants

Green groups sprout idea to transform unused land Sept 17

Peter Whitlock, Valley Permaculture Guild


he Valley Permaculture Guild is excited to invite you to an amazing project in partnership with Stσ:lō Nation, Tree Canada and Dragonlily Gardens at the Senior Elders Lodge in Chilliwack.

We are continuing a project to create a wonderful space for growing food, supporting food security initiatives, nurturing community and promoting permaculture and low impact rainwater management. We would love your help seeing this come to fruition!

When: Saturday, September 17, 2016
Time: 10 am - 2 pm
Location: 7519 Topaz Dr., Chilliwack, BC

RSVP to Valley Permaculture here.

Lunch is provided to volunteers. Please RSVP, so the Stσ:lō chef's will be sure to prepare enough food.

At this event, there will be activities available for persons of all abilities and ages, please invite your friends and family, and plan to spend the day if you are able.

Phase 1 involved the redesigning a current community garden space to become an interactive hub for learning, community building, and growing vegetables and fruits, especially native and medicinal species.


This space is currently used by a Chilliwack-based farm school, community gardeners and Stσ:lō Nation's Elders Lodge and Preschool program.


Phase 2 will involve the installation of an indigenous medical food forest and we'd love your help and support!

Below is a materials list that we are looking for. Please connect if you are able to support this project with more ways than your time.

Site description: Full sun, near water table, fertile, compact
Square footage: 2500ft2

Donated Materials must be on site by September 6, 4pm. All Plants need to be received by September 9, 3pm.


• Mulch: 7 yards
• Chips: 7 yards
• Soil: 10 yards
• Manure: 10 yards
• Log ends: 1'-3' lengths, 25
• Log rounds: 4" thickness minimum, 20 pieces
• Stumps: at least 10
• Logs: at least 5, minimum 12" diameter. Up to 20 logs. Length unimportant.
• Sand: 3 yards
• Trellis/Arbour: 200 linear feet of cedar, 4"x4"; 100 linear feet of cedar, 2"x6" minimum


• Native plants: 2000ft2 +
• Grapes: 10
• Blueberries: 10+
• Strawberries: 50+
• Fruit/nut trees: 10
• Shrubs, small to large: 40
• Insect-friendly flowers + plants: +++


• Two 16 ft signs designating sponsors and explaining purposes and uses of Indigenous Food and  Medicinal Garden, and the Community Garden, as well as contact information.

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