Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Crime News


Wire thief suspects seen on Curling Club roof

Staff/Voice photos


A wire thief suspect is checked by police after allegedly being seen on top of the Curling Club Monday.


ome moms watching over their kids in the playground behind the Curling Centre noticed a man and a woman climbing around on top of the roof and called police to report it Monday afternoon.


They made it on the roof despite razor wire designed to keep people off it. Witnesses accurately described the pair who were later located by police on Ashwell Rd.


A Police Dog Service stopped to check them out and the male casually rode away laden with his day pack.


The Voice just snapped a photo as he ride by. Police checked the female suspect who stood there laughing and joking with the officer.


It's unknown if the male was picked up and checked for stolen wire later.



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