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Third Ave Haunt

Some grownups wait all year for Halloween

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A mom walks her kids up to the Larsan's Third Ave home on Halloween.


ombstones and Tim Burton-like figures jutted ominously out of red and blue smoke. Speakers played eerie sounds. Jack-o'-lanterns were everywhere glaring with eyes like golden ingots.


Larry Larsan stood outside his home on Third Ave pressing the button of a remote control unit. Each time kids ran in the yard up the stairs, smoke and fake red flames shoot out of the roof. His wife Sandy reaches out through a coffin-shaped doorway with handfuls of candy.


It poured all day long Friday as Larsan draped the yard with his scary collection of items, stopping just in time for trick-or-treaters. Then, while a half moon wavered mysteriously beneath thinning clouds, a light fog rolled in.


Inside, the house was hideously decorated in every corner. There was even a dead person in the bathroom.


The street was empty of people by 8 p.m. According to Larsan, traffic was down compared to other years.


“There were fewer kids this year,” noted Larsan. I wonder where they all were.”


The Larsans Halloween decor is starting to spread out down the block to other homes.


“It's catching on,” says Larsan pointing across the street at a neighbour in-costume at their door.


Larsan says Third Ave is a great community. Everybody knows everybody, but he’ll have to take everything down again Friday night or goblins might get it.


“I have to take it all in or lose it. It won't be here in the morning,” he said.


But for two or three hours, all hell breaks loose.


“It’s worth it, we love it,” he said and hits the remote button.


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