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Calling for implementation of smart meter removal program

Submitted by Lori Giesbrecht, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


From: Les MacLaren, Assistant Deputy Minister, Electricity and Alternative Energy Division Ministry of Energy and Mines


onourable Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines, has asked me to respond to your email regarding fees under BC Hydro’s Meter Choices Program. The Meter Choices Program fees are not just meter reading fees.


The fees recover the additional costs of adding and maintaining resources, equipment and systems that have been automated by modern meters.

Asking customers who request customised services to cover these costs is a fair solution because it prevents the additional costs from being passed on to all customers.

The British Columbia Utilities Commission reviewed the fees to make sure they are fair and only recover the additional costs.


A copy of the decision can be found at www.bcuc.com

More than 99 per cent of BC Hydro customers have smart meters and the vast majority are being read automatically. As BC Hydro works to complete the communications network that supports the metering system, field staff are manually downloading information from a small number of smart meters that are not communicating automatically yet.

Customers with smart meters are not being charged for this service because they have accepted BC Hydro’s standard equipment.

If you have further questions about BC Hydro fees please contact them directly via email here  or by phone at 1 800 409 8199.

Lori Giesbrecht writes:


• bullying us into accepting smart meters

• blaming home owners when BC Hydro's hired Corix's under-qualified Itron smart meter installers damage people's home's and business's meter sockets like Trish Regan's home on Burdock Street in Mission just a few blocks from ours.

• passing the buck by sending us on wild goose chases when we contact you looking for answers

• avoided facing the BC tax payers by skirt tailing around the truth

• stopped avoiding and FACE this HUGE problem that is causing the citizens in our province so much unnecessary stress, unrest, is festering and growing in our province

• making excuses

• and stopped lying to the tax paying citizens of BC about our HUGE BC Hydro bill increases, the REAL dangers and the SERIOUS health consequences of YOU forcing these pieces of junk on our homes, businesses and into our lives?

On August 1, 2014, the Vancouver Sun posted this article and in it, Bill Bennett responded by saying

"BC Hydro has installed smart meters in 99 per cent of homes and businesses provincewide, and said:

The utility uses equipment manufactured by Itron Inc., based in Washington state.


B.C. Energy Minister Bill Bennett said he's not aware of any problems with the meters.

BC Hydro and Bill Bennett tried to convince us that BC Hydro's Washington state Itron made smart meters are safe while Saskatchewan uses North Carolina based Sensus smart meters.

Ok, now there have been 9 smart meter fires/failures in Saskatchewn... while there have been more fires and failures in BC then in Saskatchewn and the state of Oregon combined!

So now my question is... who's smart meter is safe? ... NOBODY'S!!

The ones being pulled off homes in Saskatchewn OR the BC Hydro smart meters that continue to burn up homes, appliances, televisions, computers, microwaves, etc?

This home's Itron smart meter burned these folk's home and killed their dogs...

So, exactly HOW does BC Hydro's smart meter program benefit the BC tax paying, voting consumer??


Lori Giesbrecht, proud member of The Coalition to stop smart meters in British Columbia.



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