Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

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Police locate suspects in alleged iPad and cash robbery

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ood work by Mounties who located a pair of suspects allegedly involved in a robbery Monday morning.

Shortly after 11 a.m., a man called RCMP from a store to report that he'd been robbed of his Ipad and cash by two men.

Police moved into the area and systematically checked block by block for the alleged thugs.


One of them was described as wearing a black hoodie, black pants and a black ball cap with red on it.

An officer in an unmarked cruiser spotted the pair in the one-way section of Kipp Ave. off of Yale Rd.

Police separated the pair and detained the suspects. The man in the black hat was casually sipping a Tim Horton's coffee as he was being questioned. He was later released and sauntered off down the block and out of sight.

Meanwhile, a second suspect was detained in the back of the police cruiser after he was found to be in possession of the allegedly stolen Ipad. He was let out of the vehicle to put his coat on, then arrested and taken away to jail.


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