Friday, Nov. 28, 2014


Prisoner of  Bureaucracy

Not just soldiers get PTSD; a guard talks about being cut-off sick benefits

Submitted by Jonathan Phaneuf, Chilliwack


ell just as I thought things we're settling down, I received a voicemail this morning advising me that my Warden has made a decision to cut me off Injury on Duty benefits and has passed off their desire to take care of me to a third party.

To say I'm surprised, would be a lie. However, this is yet another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. So the new policy is designed to cut off employees who have been off for six months of Injury on Duty and have NO return to work date available.

To make it easier, I will share the actual information that should of been used in the decision making process....rather than blindly jumping to a decision to cut off an employee's payment before Christmas. And you really wonder why CSC is clearly NOT an Employer of Choice?

I went off on Injury on Duty leave March 18, 2014
I commenced my Return to Work program on September 28, 2014
I advised the Employer that I was struggling with the employment
conditions and would coordinate with my psychologist and WorkSafe Case
Manager on October 17, 2014
My WorkSafe BC Case Manager contacted the employer seeking an
adjustment to my Return to Work duties on November 21, 2014
The Employer has yet to report to WorkSafe BC on a suitable return to
work despite my willingness to commence a graduate return to work

So yeah, I'm a little pissed to be told that since I've been off for more than 6 months and that there is no return to work date in sight, I will be cut off my CSC pay and benefits. This screams of either Harassment or extreme managerial incompetence....both are becoming so commonplace it's hard to tell them apart.

Please consider this notice of my intention to grieve this outrageous and incompetent decision. If there are any other negative, cruel and incompetent actions being sought by the employer on my case, can I beg you to please bring them forward ASAP so we can deal with them prior to the family is struggling enough!

Jonathan Phaneuf

P.S. The other irony was listening to the Employer in the WorkSafe Appeal hearing this week speak to the fact that the employer doesn't dispute my PTSD, my involvement in all historical incidents causing my injury and more importantly that they do not want the Appeal to overturn which would immediately terminate ALL my psychological treatment...but to save face,
the representatives didn't have the balls to withdraw the appeal and will allow it to continue and risk having my treatment cut off.

Editors Note: Photo submitted from Facebook here.

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