Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014


'Paper Terrorists'

The 'resistance' movement is alive and well 

Christiane & Rex Brown


am a private citizen of Canada. I am a senior. I live in British Columbia.


I was, and still am working hard. Like most of us. But I am not wealthy. Like most of us. And I do not carry any academic degree. But I do carry one degree which tops any academic and/or political one: It is called “conscience”.


At the end of WW2, I was born into a family in which the maxim; Complacency Means Complicity, played an existential role. Existential in a very real way: Several members of my family have been executed for their resistance to the regime in Germany between 1933-1945, and for its complete violation of human rights, human dignity, and human life.


This maxim has guided me throughout my life and in all the countries I made my home in before I came to Canada.


I have left one country for its rapid democratic deterioration and moved to another which at the time was famous for its high democratic values and respect for an individual’s human right: Canada. That was almost twenty years ago.



MLA Bill Bennett at the Coast Hotel in Chilliwack October 2011.


In my wildest dreams I did not expect what I, and with me tens of thousands of smart meter resisters are confronted with, here in British Columbia, for the last three years. I am speaking of BC Hydro’s relentless enforcement of unlawful, undemocratic, unconstitutional methods of extortion, intimidation, manipulation, trickery, harassment and plain mis-information and lies with regards to smart meters and their disastrous effects on human health, privacy and billing.


And, of course, BC Hydro’s and the Government’s consistent irresponsible and unconscionable denial of s/meter related fires in this province of British Columbia. The Province has no documentation “code” that allows a smart meter related fire to be entered as a statistic. Hence, there is no record of the Province ever having had smart meter related house fires.


A s/meter related fire has not been given a code, therefore the fire did not happen? 


How naïve does one think we are?


I remember one of the dozens of BC Hydro Notices that flooded our mailboxes about two years ago in which we were informed “that our smart meter refusal had now expired”. Really? There was a “best before date”?


For three years now, we who have always paid our electrical consumption in full and on time, have been threatened with BC Hydro’s signed – and more and more unsigned notices of deadlines: Alleged meter choices deadlines. Meter replacement deadlines. Punitive extortion payment deadlines. 24 hour robocall disconnection deadlines. (And, yes, those were made by BC Hydro.)


This paper terrorism is designed to scare us, intimidate us, wear us out and finally break our last reserves of strength. Has it worked?  With some but not all. The blind, the ill, the very old, the not-so-wealthy; people who have a very busy life to live; work to do; family-and other life’s problems to solve… they “gave their consent”.


But non disclosure of risks and use of force to impose uninformed consent is not consent at all.   


To sum it up: Throughout the past three years, we have endured a seemingly endless war of psychological control: Hydro has consistently made mutually contradictory and mutually exclusive statements with regards to smart meter installations on the homes of those who are lawfully stating their Claim of Right and their refusal to give away their privately owned analogue meter.


With Christmas and Hanukkah fast approaching, we are expected to believe that “THE END IS NEAR” and that “WE HAVE NO CHOICE” but to “GET USED TO IT” as it was so delicately put. That those with medical implants; those who just underwent surgery; those with epilepsy and other serious medical conditions,  all will get used to ”IT” or “MOVE TO A DIFFERENT PROVINCE”.


I am lost for words. And no, we will not go away.  We will continue to fight this violation of every moral and legal principle as long as it takes.                                                                                                                                              

Our resistance is still very much alive.