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Why media fuels the the mobile phone epidemic

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ere we go again.


I want everyone who packs mobile phone like it's thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to read this.


Shortly, you'll see one of my great pictures on MP Mark Strahl's Ottawa office walls and you'll find out why below. I have the utmost respect for Mark because he has the same respect for The Voice and me. I'd vote for him in second because I vote for the person, not the party. The government will still be run so it doesn't matter which party so it really doesn't which part is in power. So add him to your bookmark and his name to the integrated spelling in your writing programs.


I'm very happy to leave an ungrateful Chilliwack far behind as I move on to the final part of my life. I've given enough of my life to you. I'm going to be leaving you with second-rate media, both print and online. Sorry. People here gravitate to print media with their stories to see their faces on paper and get their stories when print media here is nothing more than bird cage liner. 


Google Chilliwack News and click on images and you'll see that 95 per cent of the photos are my pictures and 99 per cent of those I took from at least half a block away.


Over the next few months, I'll be turning The Voice into a blog and sharing sage advice to the awesome readers here. Chilliwack is a city of 100,000 people. A town has 1500 or even 5 thousand people. I've spent enough money, jumped out of bed at 3 A.M. enough, gone hungry, ruined nice vehicles and cameras and spent valuable money each month for an ungrateful city who can only think of themselves. I'll be sharing with you why this is in another posting. Don't worry, I'll be sharing the good side as well.


The other night, there was what looked liked from what I've seen, a terrible accident. I genuinely hope no one in the overturned vehicle and was hurt. I wonder if people with Facebook and Twitter did?


You bet they didn't because they're concerned with something that they'll never be—a publisher. Facebook and Twitter have the gall to call it "publishing". I went to college in Burnaby to study publishing for a year. Set type and produced many newspapers and magazines that only wanna be publishers can dream of. So, I'm not just another guy with a website.


I also went to BCIT and used my student loan money to buy a 30' ex-river gillnetter and lived on that thinking that I could resell it later. Which I did. But I made a mistake in that it was far too fun playing in the Strait of Georgia and being distracted from, studies than getting a degree. But that too is another tale. Okay, enough blowing my own horn.


The allure of social media is too much for weak people to handle. I dropped them for good reason. When it comes to photos, people should only be to see their smiling mugs allowed to post on social media. Media needs to get a handle on this epidemic. It's already out of control.


Sure I put my share of photos on social media in the past. For good reason. It was because I wanted to take on big on big media — which I did. It's nothing that 100,000 people could ever do.


To that end, The Voice was eventually established as a bona fide media source from all over the world that showcased Chilliwack and used to show local kids how it's done in the bigs. I won't be around a lot longer. I had to be resuscitated not long ago, but I hope when I'm gone, the kids have learned enough to carry on with what I've accomplished.


In elevating The Voice to what Facebookers an Twitter fools could only dream of, I've faced and dealt with some of most viral, hateful, jealous people along the way that I've ever seen. Chilliwack has the highest rate of B&E's in Canada, but they also have in my, opinion the worst people I've ever seen the publishing world. Again, another story.


In the accident the other night, watch for the same photos to appear front page in local print media and Vancouver media because mobile phones are now an epidemic. There have far more people hooked on them than drugs, sugar and video games—which eat up valuable years off your life.  I don't have a mobile phone or any social media accounts on purpose. I figure social media to be cults are a valuable a waste of your  life. And don't think you're something special because you have 1500 so-called followers. This is something else I'll also be covering.


You see, what's been happening, is that more and more people are looking for the best photos to share on social media. These gumby lookie lous, with those and dangerous mobile phones are driving people to constantly search for the best blood and guts photos they can get at accident scenes, fires or anything else. None of which you see on The Voice. What you do see are Chilliwack emergency service heroes. In my opinion print, TV and social media should be drawn and quartered for fueling this epidemic. It's time to wake up and smell the napalm folks.


Even though I've seen my share, and heard people screaming, and taken thousands of blood and guts and people dying with their intestines in their hands with expensive camera's and equipment, you won't find those type of photos on The Voice. You'll see the odd useless drug addict or vehicle accident victim being carted away. But blood and  guts is far from what I'm out looking for. What I am looking for are photos of Chilliwack's heroes which is far from your social media posts.


I depict heroes. It's general for their wives, husbands, moms and dads, extended family and so on. Many of which will stay in their family for generations. They wouldn't want a nice big photo of blood and guts hanging on their walls so that every time they look their they see  blood and guts. It's all about Chilliwack's heroes. Lesson one. Got that?


Many years now I've gotten in the car and run out to take pictures of everything from bark mulch fires to thugs looking at me and giving me gang signs with their fingers. Now, my safety has been compromised by a woman in a place I've lived in happily for 20 years without any issues at all. Now, I have people kicking my door almost off it's hinges at 11 P.M. etc. It was/is and is another reason I want out. That's another story.


But this accident described above is a good example of what's happening with the advent of mobile phones and it's all fueled by local media and the mainstream boys in Vancouver. We hope the person(s) weren't hurt there.


People around the world read The Voice. This advice also applies to them. For your information, The Voice actually has more people from outside Chilliwack reading it than there is here. Go figure.


These days, there's a lot of idiot sticks running around accidents and fire scenes and getting in the way of first responder's way— much to the chagrin of of emergency people looking for photos they can sell to media or post on social media while putting lives at stake.


With my camera and lenses, I usually stand well away from the scene — a block or half a block from the scene. Keeping the hell away from the scene and letting emerge crews do their work is far more more important than getting in the way for the sake of a bloody Facebook photo.


Now, with the advent of mobile phones, which I don't use, lookie lous like to get in nice and close for those blood and guts kind of shots, none of which you've ever seen on the Voice.  For that, I've earned their respect. The hard way. You can't do that with a cheesy little mobile device at all. Lesson two. Got it?


So look, stay out of the way of emerge crews. Don't look for blood and guts and don't dare post those on your social media Or sell them.


Most times, a photo of flashing lights suffices to satisfy your follows of your Facebook and Twitter cults. Staying out of emergency crews way is far more important than a a silly Facebook post.


Where media fits in is this that the local print media who are far too lazy to get out of bed themselves to cover a particular story is because they know an idiot stick with a mobile phone will get a nice close up for their papers and get in the way. For that they pay $30.


Local Print media then hands the photos and videos over to Vancouver media who pay $100 a shot.


I've never sold a photo to either local or Vancouver media. And they have called me for photos and videos. Anything would do for them.


"We pay $100," one uncaring gal said. To which I replied "You can get them off my website. She hung up the phone in a tizzy.


Another reason I don't sell photos locally is because I'm taking on print media in Chilliwack and the other reason I don't sell to Vancouver media is because I don't get Chilliwack news from Vancouver The Voice is capable enough. But now the print media presstitutes aren't capable of doing.


Idiots with mobile phone are capable but the more print and TV media pay the less have to be off their asses at 3 A.M.


I want you to take a close look at a photo I took of local CFD fire Captain Mark Collins that will be out soon and hanging in MP Mark Stral's office. Do you think Mark would have a blood and guts photo on the walls of his Ottawa office? If you do, then you're on glue. Leave.


Shhh, don't tell him, but I hope we can give it him so he'll share with his family who will have it on their walls for generations to come. He's much to busy to read this.


I want you to be very careful with your mobile phones and to hell with selling them for a few crummy dollars. It's not hard to do and I've taken many award-winning pictures that you won't see in the pages of print or on TV media.


This was a very easy item to write.




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