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MLA Laurie Throness lauds Yale BC in speech, draws applause

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n Wednesday, Chilliwack-Hope MLA addressed the Legislature with a speech about a trip he made to the Fraser Canyon town of Yale BC to open a new highway rest stop and another time to attend a "Hillbilly Hoedown" community celebration.


The Podunk has a rich history stemming back from the 1858 gold rush. Today, the town maintains several significant sites staffed by volunteers in period costume.


Throness describes a vibrant canyon community with the former elementary school, that was transformed by the Yale Ratepayers into a multi-use facility, at its heart.


"I was amazed at the range of services offered at the centre, and not just to townspeople. Last winter there were 26 truckers and other travellers stranded in town due to bad weather, and the people of Yale took them in. They showed me where they store quilts and beds and generators and other things so they'll be ready for any emergency," he told members.


"I saw the thrift shop they maintain, the quilting parlour, the computers with free Internet for seniors and the commercially equipped kitchen. They offer regular foot care. They host Easter egg hunts, weddings, parties and funerals, and the new patio outside has a big barbecue with lots of picnic tables around, because their community celebrations are really remarkable."


Throness said he was impressed with the use of space and the number and quality of services offered at the centre.


"My heart was touched by the outstanding spirit and warmth they show for their community. Would the House join me in thanking and congratulating the Yale Ratepayers Association?"



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