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The Fox Legacy

MLA John Martin speaks in the Legislature last week about the Fox family connection to the community

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Chilliwack MLA John Martin speaks at the Terry Fox Run in September this year.


n Wednesday, The BC Legislature held a second reading of Bill M203, the "Terry Fox Day Act", first introduced in the Legislature by  Linda Reimer MLA Port Moody-Coquitlam riding.


The Bill declares that the 2nd Sunday after Labour Day be known as Terry Fox Day and coincides with fundraiser runs across the country.


Several MLA's spoke eloquently to the Bill in the Legislature including John Martin, MLA for Chilliwack.


The following excerpts are from Martin regarding the Fox family connection to Chilliwack taken from the Thursday afternoon Hansard:


 It truly is a pleasure to be able to speak to a piece of legislation of this nature that brings all of us in this House together for a momentous occasion. I don't know that I've been happier to speak to anything since I've been here. The legacy of Canadian icon Terry Fox is world-renowned, obviously. Terry's story is unparalleled in this country and is a source of inspiration and courage for each and every one of us.

Being the member for Chilliwack, we have a special connection to Terry Fox. His mother, Betty Fox, moved to Chilliwack in 2003. She lived in our city until her passing in 2011. I got to know Betty over the years. She and I were members of the same Royal Canadian Legion branch. I remember Betty Fox really liked her old-time country music. I was playing bass in a Hank Williams cover band, and Betty Fox would be in there, and she'd always be encouraging us to do one more. "Can you play one more. Can you hang around 30 minutes longer." She made sure the band never went thirsty as well.

Terry's father, Rolly, continues to live in Chilliwack. He makes appearances with the other family members at the Terry Fox Run and events and all the programs that we put on. It's a common sight in Chilliwack for Rolly to be telling stories and swapping jokes in a coffee shop in the city.

The Terry Fox Foundation national office also calls Chilliwack home and carries forward Terry's goal to raise awareness of all cancers and to further fund cancer research.

Betty's work and the work of the entire Fox family have had a lasting impression on the Chilliwack community. Local businesses regularly conduct fundraising events, such as the annual pie day at the Airport Coffee Shop I was so happy to talk about last year.

My constituency assistant, Desmond Devnich, co-chairs the Chilliwack Terry Fox Run event on an annual basis.

Recognizing the Sunday following Labour Day as Terry Fox Day in British Columbia promotes the iconic yet humble nature of Terry. I think it reminds us and encourages us to all think less of ourselves, more about those around us and how we can make for a better neighbourhood, better community, better society and a better country.

As I say, I don't know that there is a more inspiring figure in this country's history. It is with confidence and on behalf of everyone in Chilliwack that I, like everybody else I've heard from in this House, will recommend support of this bill. It's been a pleasure to speak to it.

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