Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014


Writers Sharing Wisdom

Footprint Press Issue No. 13 features local stories

Staff/Voice photos


he friendly folks over at Footprint Press want our readers to know Issue 13 is out now.


Featured this issue are stories from Mike Gildersleeve who writes about The Healing Walk and Angus Macdonell penned a story about Moving towards biodynamic farming in Silverdale.


Stó:lō elder Eddie Gardner shares his expertise on Saving Wild Salmon and their destruction from Industrial practices. Lina Azeez writes about Rediscovering our Water Connection and Val Pack talks Trees of Life.


Artwork by Tessa Fawdry, Helen Gamble, Don Mair and Glen Ryder. Cover photo Bruce Klassen: Pileated woodpecker in Silverdale.


This lovely quarterly publication is available in hard copy as well as online. It focuses on local environmental issues that affect people living in the Fraser Valley and around BC. Read it online at www.footprintpress.ca




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