Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014

Pipeline News


40 Electric Vehicles storm Burnaby Mountain to protest Kinder Morgan pipeline

Released by Darcy Riddell/Photos submitted


EV owners clog Burnaby Mountain roads in support of anti-pipeline protests Friday.


group of electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and business owners headed to Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area Friday morning to show solidarity with the hundreds of protesters who have gathered to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline drilling.


The event is being organized by small business owner, J-M Toriel, whose company Big Green Island Transportation installs electric charging infrastructure. Toriel said he organized the event because, "We don't want investments in dirty oil pipelines that put British Columbians at risk, and we are tired of hearing people say that 'we all need gas to drive' in defense of new fossil fuel infrastructure. We brought electric vehicle drivers here to show we can all be part of a clean energy future no pipelines required."

Toriel is driving to Burnaby Mountain in a plug-in Nissan Leaf, owned by the car-sharing service Modo Co-operative to show that you don't even need to own an EV to make alternative transportation choices. EV drivers are bringing slogans and banners with positive messages of a future that does not rely on fossil fuels and new pipelines: "BATTERIES INCLUDED - NO PIPELINES REQUIRED," "LESS OIL, MORE COURAGE" and "NO, WE DON'T ALL NEED OIL".

Byron Sheardown, CEO of Vancouver-area printing company International Web Express Printing, owns a Chevy Volt. "I proudly drive an electric vehicle. Why risk our coastlines and communities for a resource that will be refined and consumed elsewhere? Alternative energy is abundant and supports the local economy. Governments and drivers need to support green energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels," said Sheardown.

Electric vehicles do not require additional infrastructure from the oil and gas industry EVs have no tailpipes and don't burn gas. Transportation is the largest carbon-emitting sector in British Columbia. Said organizer, J-M Toriel, "The more drivers realize that it costs 1/10th the cost per kilometer to drive electric vehicles, the more they will make the switch."

The EV convoy will meet on top of Burnaby Mountain near Chargepoint EV charger at Lot E at 10am then drive down Burnaby Mountain Parkway between 10:30-11:30am, Friday November 27, 2014.

For More Information about Electric Vehicles: Visit EV Facts here or connect on Facebook here.

People assume electric cars are expensive, but in fact their energy efficiency, and cheaper electricity rates in B.C. makes them ten times cheaper to operate than comparable gasoline cars. And that's just the fuel cost. With no engine, there is virtually no maintenance.
There are nearly 10,000 EVs in Canada. In Norway, that number is 36,000 -- or 1 out of every 8 vehicles.
Electric vehicles have lower operating costs, last many times longer than conventional cars, and recover their value in about 3 years.

See a map of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area here.

Darcy Riddell
Convening, Capacity Development and Research for Environmental and Social Innovation PhD Candidate, Social and Ecological Sustainability, University of Waterloo and



Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014

Pipeline News

Protestors Celebrate

Kinder Morgan packs up and leaves Burnaby Mountain

Released by Darcy Riddell/Photos submitted


undreds of people are expected to arrive at Burnaby Mountain today and Sunday to celebrate a significant victory against Kinder Morgan, and to resolve to continue the years-long campaign to stop the pipeline.

After three months of presence by caretakers on Burnaby Mountain, hundreds of residents showing up every day for two weeks of protests against Kinder Morgan drilling activity, and 125 arrests, the pipeline company removed their equipment and stopped their survey work.


"Today Kinder Morgan also stopped work and packed up. No police line was in effect. Many academics spoke to the crowd of well over a hundred about the loss of faith in the Harper governments regulatory process, and the need for universities to be more engaged in the worldwide efforts to halt dangerous climate change," said protest organizer Darcy Riddell.


"The electric vehicle drivers were greeted with big cheers, and people were happy to see the evidence of a post-oil transportation future."

It is very clear that local residents, led by Indigenous communities, oppose this tar sands pipeline. Indigenous leaders, academics, faith groups, seniors, mothers and daughters, immigrants, environmentalists have all faced arrest and made it clear they are willing to do what it takes to stop the pipeline from being built.

Saturday and Sunday's events will be family friendly events. Saturday features a celebration 'Frontline Beats Pipelines,' highlighting Indigenous and people of colour who have been at the forefront of the opposition to Kinder Morgan and the presence on Burnaby Mountain.

Weekend activities include:

Saturday Nov 29

11:30 Mama's Don't Allow Pipeline
12:00 Tar Sands Teach In
1:00 Frontline beats Pipeline
2:00 GPS for Dummies (Kinder Morgan staff encourage to attend this workshop)

Sunday Nov 30: 12:00 Picnics Not Pipelines Mass Rally

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