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FIPPA Homework

Gardner poses question, looks for answer at all-candidates meeting

Submitted by Stó:lō Elder Eddie Gardner/Voice file photo


Eddie Gardner speaks at a water rally in May 2013. Voice photo.


ast evening, the mayoral candidates in the Chilliwack municipal election were asked the question:


Will you stand in solidarity with the Hupacasath First Nation and support the City of Chilliwack in sending a letter to the People's Republic of China that states that the City of Chilliwack does not acknowledge the China-Canada Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement?


The mayoral candidates all needed more information to decide how best  to respond. I am attaching additional information below. There is also tons of information on line as well. Just google FIPPA.

On Monday evening, all candidates are invited to aswer this question by reading the information below and conducting some research on this important issue to all municipalities across Canada. The Hupacasath First Nation is supported by the Assembly of First Nations, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Lead, the Canadian Council of Canadians and many other individuals and organizations.

Candidates are invited to answer by email and at the all candidates meeting on Monday evening.




Foreign and Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPPA) between China and Canada

FIPPA was undemocratically approved by the Harper cabinet in the absence of debate in the House of Commons, and violates the duty to consult First Nations under Section 35 of the Constitution of Canada.  FIPPA erodes Canadian sovereignty through a provision in this agreement that allows China to sue Canada for the loss of expected profits that would be determined through binding arbitration in a secret tribunal. 

This makes the entire Canadian legal system irrelevant, including the Supreme Court of Canada. The provision also makes environmental protection measures by any level of government in Canada, including municipalities, subject to financial costs that Canadians would be unable to afford.  Municipalities' power to protect their citizens will be overridden by the Canada FIPPA.  

The Harper cabinet ratified FIPPA despite the fact that a legal challenge from the Hupacasath First Nation is still before the courts. The deal, which China has already ratified, has gone into effect October 1, 2014 and locks Canada into the sweeping agreement at least 31 years. 

Together, let's make it clear to the People's Republic of China that the Government of Canada did not follow due process for consulting First Nations, Municipalities, Parliament and the citizens of Canada.


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