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Froggy Road   

The City of Chilliwack has its Christmas Card

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Artist Cathy Angus-Healey holds a framed print of her card and a $250 cheque presented to her by Mayor Sharon Gaetz last Tuesday. 



ake the most famous album cover in history, add some frogs to it, and what do you have? The City of Chilliwack Christmas card.


Each year, City Hall puts out a call for artists and photographers to design their Christmas card which they send out over the holidays. Artwork is submitted and judged by staff. The winner receives a $250 cheque and a beautifully framed print of their card.


This year, because of the elections, the City decided to go with last year's runner-up; Cathy Angus-Healey's drawing of four frogs in a crosswalk a parody of the 1969 Beatles Abbey Road album.


The card is captioned on the ouside with "Toadally Chilliwack Christmas Crossing"  and inside it reads "Merry Christmas from our pad to yours" along with a list of the City councillors.


So, after years of hard work, the perseverance paid off and Angus-Healey can enjoy some measure of celebrity now that her art is going to be on display in hundreds of homes and businesses over the holiday season. What better way could an artist have to get their work shown?


Angus-Healey was at City Hall last Tuesday for the cheque presentation.


"Part of what inspired Cathy to put this together was the crossing of the toads up at Ryder Lake and the kind of interest that the entire community has with that particular event every year, it really has captured the excitement of the community," said Mayor Sharon Gaetz.


It's not the first time the City has chosen Angus-Healey art for their cards. Two years ago, she won with a mother mallard and ducklings toting a Christmas tree.


Angus-Healey has lived in Chilliwack for the past 22 years and works full-time as an artist/illustrator. She's spent a lifetime drawing and painting, but her career really took a giant leap when she received a provincial scholarship and attended college for faux and decorative arts, graphic design and communications. Her portfolio includes a number of books featuring her illustrations.


She doesn't have a gallery but sells her artwork at markets all around the Lower Mainland and throughout BC.


"I just work out of my house. I have two little kids and feel very fortunate to do a job I love while staying home to raise my kids," she told The Voice prior to the City Hall meeting.


She spent last weekend at Heritage Park selling art and setting up commission projects with clients.


Recently, she was hired to do a customized painting for a man's 50th birthday.


"I did this huge mirror with different scenes for his wife. I didn't ever meet the couple, I just went from pictures. They loved it and thought it was great," she said.


See more from Cathy Angus-Healey on her website www.cathysart.com


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