War medals including a Victoria Cross for bravery.













ilitary/RCMP Veterans request that you as the Leader of the Conservative Party take a little time to reply to Canada抯 Veterans CPP reduction question. To be more specific, as the new elected Prime Minister of Canada will you take action, in the first year of your mandate, to terminate the CPP pension Claw back that affects the welfare of Canada抯 Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families at age 65, or sooner, if disabled at no cost to the tax payers.


Military/RCMP Veterans firmly believe that the Government of Canada has broken our engagement contract without prior member consultation or authorization. During our enrolment consultation we were promised that we would benefit of a full pension calculated at 2% of our best 6 years for a period of 25 years of service.


More than sufficient funds are available in our pension account to pay for an unreduced CPP benefit. After the Government depleted our Canadian Forces Superannuation account by almost 20 billion dollars, our retirement account continues to grow. A surplus of over 62 billion dollars was posted in the yearly pension report. More than sufficient funds are available to pay for the termination the CPP pension claw back. Why contribute to a benefit that we will never receive?


"As the former Commissioner with the Canadian Pension and Appeal Board, I know that such initiative could be remedied by the Commissioner抯 Executive with a simple White Paper, followed by a request to the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for the needed action and amendment to the Pension Act and its policies," John Labelle, SAC.


Consideration must also be given to the free service our Families have given while we served our Country Canada. The loss of Spouse income/employment opportunities as the result of the member numerous operational requirements, lead to the loss of our Spouse CPP benefits. It is clear that Military and RCMP Veterans are a different Government provider unlike any other segment of the population they were prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for the security of our Country Canada and some gave it their all. Military/RCMP Veterans are not seeking additional funds from the Public purse. They are seeking a fair and equitable treatment in receiving their unreduced CFSA/RCMP Annuity benefits at age 65 or sooner if Disabled.


Honorable Mr. Andrew Scheer are you prepare to pronounce yourself that if elected the next Prime Minister you will take action to terminate the Military/RCMP Veterans CPP claw back to their Annuity during the first year of your mandate? We look forward to distribute your signed letter of approval.

Veterans believe that each pension plan must pay for their own benefits. This simple task, at no cost to the tax payers, would allow Canada抯 Heroes to provide their Families with a little more enjoyment that they have missed during their service. The Committee believes that we can reach 3 million Canadians more than sufficient voters to reach a majority Government.




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