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Chilliwack firefighters extinguished a chimney fire before it spread into the rest of a home at Yale and Woodbine Friday.














ity of Chilliwack Fire department crews were busy Friday night with three incidents at the same time.


Firefighters raced over to a balcony fire in the 8500-block of Young Rd.  They quickly extinguished that and damage appeared to be to one balcony only.


There were some smoke inhalation issues with at least two or three residents.


Reports were that it was likely started by smoking.


A lot of balcony fires are related to smoking. If they're not properly put out and stubbed out in a planter pot  for instance then chances are the cigarette will sit there smouldering eventually breaking out in flames which then spread up the vinyl siding, wood balconies.


The CFD calls this "plastic flowers" when they have neighbourhood information meetings.


Shortly after the Young Rd. incident, firefighters crews split their resources when they were called to a chimney fire at Woodbine St. and Yale Rd.


A balcony fire broke in a complex in the 8500-block of Young Rd. on Friday.


No one was injured and the fire was quickly extinguished.


In some chimney blazes, a firefighter will take an axe and chew through the brick at the base of the chimney so a hose can be shoved in and the blaze put out that way.


Firefighters were also dealing with a butt flicker bark mulch fire across on the south side.



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