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Fast Cars Tangle with

Hi-Tech Equipment



A vehicle rolled over on Wolfe Road Wednesday. Thankfully there were no major injuries.













ust after 2pm last Wednesday, a vehicle left Wolfe Rd. at the bend and rolled. Thankfully all the occupants escaped with the exception of some minor bumps and bruises. It's unclear why this vehicle left the road. But sometimes it doesn't always work out that way and people are injured or even worse.

ICBC says that In 2016 alone, there were 330,000 crashes in B.C. – that's 900 crashes every day. And the number of crashes and claims have been growing steadily over the years and that results in higher insurance rates.

 but police are looking for high-risk drivers in May and they're using a brand new tool. Enter the Black Cat designed to collect data on everything.

The Black Cat is an automated, highly-portable system that detects a vehicle’s size, speed, lane position, and direction and gathers data around the clock on every vehicle that passes for up to a week.

 "We got the Black Cat in early March and we’ve been using it in specific locations where we’re getting complaints from the public", says Staff Sergeant Mark McCutcheon with Coquitlam RCMP Traffic Services. This isn’t used for giving out tickets, but when we evaluate the data it collects, we can make well-informed decisions about where our enforcement teams can be most effective".


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