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Women stir up a truckload of emotions with their performance of 12 Minute Madness as part of the

rEvolver Festival May 23-27 and the East Van Cultch.













irst premiered at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival, 12 Minute Madness is a humorous, vulgar, and candid play by award-winning NYC playwright and director, Raïna von Waldenburg. After an impactful and sold-out closing at the Fringe, 12 Minute Madness will be returning to the stage this May at the 2018 rEvolver Festival.


Based on true events, the play follows the story of Marlena von Twattenburger a young woman who recovers a repressed memory of having been sexually abused by her grandfather.

Here are the first twelve minutes of madness that occur as Marlena comes to this realization and her mind suddenly explodes into a myriad of inner characters that have been dormant for years.

von Waldenburg and her cast of 12 fierce female performers aim to expose the secrecy and shame of sexual abuse through comedy, and to empower those who have been disempowered by this kind of trauma.

From Raïna von Waldenburg “When I experienced violence and sexual abuse as a child I disappeared into the wall paper. I lost many things along the way. Self-worth. Clarity. Trust. My voice. Years later I studied the physical acting training of Jerzy Grotowski who said ‘The most elementary fault is the overstraining of the voice because one forgets to speak with the body’.


12 Minute Madness features 12 women actors, some from Chilliwack who take a look at the reality some lives.


The play 12 Minute Madness is the process of speaking about a highly charged topic with the body. Each character in this play is a full embodiment of a feeling. And there are many contradictory feelings as I untangle my childhood. The characters are surreal, exaggerated and clown-like. The actors embody the material – with arched backs, open hearts, and raunchy groins.”


Visit the 12minutemadness website here.
Watch a 2 minute Youtube clip here.

Connect on Facebook @12MinuteMadness

For tickets to this show and others visit here.


About Raïna von Waldenburg  

NYC playwright/deviser, director, and actor Raïna spent almost two decades as full-time faculty at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she taught physical theatre. She produced her one-woman show, Oysters Orgasms Obituaries at La MaMa E.T.C. for which she received the 2012 New York Innovative Theatre Award nomination for “Outstanding Solo Performance” and the 2014 Persephone Award for "Innovative Teaching and Performance". Other original works also include, My Friend Andrea (The Cultch Theatre, Vancouver) and I Am One Who Is Wild As The Wind (Danspace Project, NYC). She is currently on faculty at the University of the Fraser Valley.






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