Thursday, June 19, 2014

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What to do around downed wires

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A truck is tangled up in wires on Henderson Ave. on Wednesday.


pickup truck accidentally snagged some overhead wires at around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 45000 block of Henderson Ave.


The driver did the correct thing and remained in the vehicle until emergency crews could get him out.


The easy way to tell if the wires are "hot" is when looking at the pole, the lower wires are cable and telephone and the upper wires are electrical.

How to handle a “wires down” incident:

1. Immediately call BC Hydro at 1 888 POWERON  (1 888 769-3766)

2. Stay at least one pole section (50-100’) away.

3. Warn other people. You're usually safer in your own building or staying in your vehicle, than trying to get past downed wires.

4. Stay out of the “hot zone” until the fire department has been notified by BC Hydro that its safe.

If the downed wires are on your vehicle, then you're safer staying in it rather than trying to get past possibly energized wires. If the situation is an emergency and ambulatory, then “bunny hop” clear of the vehicle and shuffle out of the hot zone with both your feet together and touching.


For more detailed safety information, visit BC Hydro's website here.




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