Friday, June 6, 2014

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Power to the People

Burnaby rally part of national action on June 14

Submitted by Lori Giesbrecht, Mission BC - UPDATED

am just one of the tens of thousands of members of the "BC Coalition against Smart Meters", "The Citizens for safe technology", "Take back your power" and "stopsmartmetersBC" organizations.

We have all come together and are named in the Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro that is currently before the courts.

I have been asked by our organization to contact a list of various news and radio stations because there is so much information  that BC Hydro, the BCUC and the Liberal Government ISN'T telling the public and they deserve to know the other side of the Smart Meters story and all the problems Smart Meters are causing around the globe and right here in BC.

It is our hope to have as many folks as possible attend these rallies so that we can share the information we have with the general public especially people with children in their homes, business owners, all other interested parties and anyone else looking for more information about the way the Liberal Government and BC Hydro have misled the public.

Huge bill increases, the health & safety concerns and the way our civil, privacy, human and constitutional charter of rights have been and continue to be ignored and violated in BC Hydro's continued effort to install these devices on our homes and businesses before the truth becomes public.


Since my response letter to Columnist Tom Fletcher's letter was published on May 12, our websites have received countless emails and calls from other  unhappy Hydro customers looking for support, enquiring about joining our lawsuit and seeking information.


That is why on Saturday, June 14, there will be 5 information Rallies in various communities throughout BC.


I am attending and will be speaking at the Vancouver (Burnaby) rally. Other rally locations in BC will be held in Victoria, Nanaimo, Powel River and Salmon Arm.


I mentioned that our Coalition against Smart Meters now has over 80,000 members.
I had asked a few of our senior members and no one seemed to know for sure
exactly how many members are now in our Coalition and I over guesstimated.

This was brought to my attention last night, therefore I would like to issue an apology
for this misinformation.

Our Coalition has over 50,000 members and not the 80,000 as I stated earlier.


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