Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Propane Problems

RCMP summon fire dept after finding a propane bottle on fire

Staff/Voice photos


Firefighters hose down propane bottles outside a Henderson Ave home on Saturday.


eighbours stood around Saturday watching as Chilliwack firefighters hosed down a propane bottle that was reportedly spouting flames outside a house in the 45000 block of Henderson Ave.


An RCMP officer was in the area investigating a drinking and driving complaint around 5 p.m., when he came across a barbeque-sized propane bottle that appeared to be on fire. It was one of several laying around the yard.


The officer backed off and called the Fire Department to deal with it.


One local told the Voice a resident at the house has been using a gas-generator inside the home for the last month.


There were no injuries in the incident. It appears that a bottle had some kind of torch attached to it at the time, which the officer didn't see.


Visit the BC Safety Authority for information on propane safety here.


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