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It's a Wrap!

Some parting shots from the Paramount filming of Formula M in Chilliwack

Staff/Voice photos


Paramount film crews setup on Main Street last Tuesday during the final days of the Chilliwack shoot.


hilliwack has slipped back to normalcy and residents reclaimed streets after a frenetic two weeks of movie crews and filming downtown.


On Wednesday, Paramount Pictures production crews packed-up and left with the Chilliwack segment of the Formula M film in the can.


Gone was the gigantic remote control pickup truck and its twin, the fake brick building and a few props. When crews packed up, it was just a matter of just picking up the traffic cones and they were done.


By that evening, nothing remained to indicate that the $100 million production was ever in town.


The sets for Formula M werenít anywhere near as elaborate as in the Eureka sci-fi series filmed in Chilliwack.


For instance, in Formula M store names weren't changed. There were fewer and simpler props used.


Eureka, on the other hand, completely transformed Wellington Ave each time they were in town and brought along with them truckloads of interesting props.


Also, Eurekaís sets didnít require a lot of the downtown core shut down like the Paramount production did.


If you went down to watch Formula M filming, then you would have had long waits to see a pick-up truck race down the street a block or two.


The Hollywood stars were far and few between in Formula M. The closest residents would have gotten to seeing a star would have been Amy Ryan's stand-in.


Eureka productions were more exciting to watch and you had no trouble at all seeing star Colin Ferguson run through his lines. Heíd even say hello.


If you missed filming last week, you didnít miss much. It was all pretty uneventful. Assuredly, Paramount is hoping that when the movie is released next year, it wonít be as humdrum as the filming of it.


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