Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SD33 News

Business as Usual During Strike

School Board decides to keep daycares open

Released by School District 33/Voice file photo Superintendent Evelyn Novak


he Board of Education at its meeting on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 approved "in addition to providing the choice for daycares and pre-schools to remain open during Teacher Strike Action, that the Board of Education provides the choice for all other regular facility rentals to be able to continue to run programs during Teacher Strike Action, evenings and on weekends."


The matter of daycares and pre-schools opening during the first two phases of the strike/lockout was previously resolved with daycares and pre-schools being provided the choice to remain open during Teacher Strike action.

In light of the full Strike Action by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation beginning June 17, the Board is now extending this same opportunity of choice to partners who have regular rentals.


“Providing the opportunity for our partners to resume with their regular rentals and program plans on evenings and weekends is important so that our community can continue to benefit from these programs,” said Board of Education Chairperson Walt Krahn.

The Board of Education is hopeful that the current labour dispute is resolved as soon as possible so that regular summer programs and activities can also continue.



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