Friday, June 27, 2014

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Picking Parking Lot Pockets

Police arrest knife-wielding car thieves  

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A female suspect sits in the back of a police cruiser after being arrested on Thursday.



wo suspects, a man and a woman, were confronted Thursday after being spotted engaging in skullduggery at Chances Casino parking lot Young Rd.


According to reports that we have, the individuals were swapping stolen vehicles. The male suspect allegedly produced a knife when the pair were confronted.

The suspects then left the lot and were last seen walking north down Young. A few minutes later, Mounties caught up with them at Airport Rd. and effected their arrests.

At some Chilliwack establishments, such as Galaxy Theatres and Cottonwood 4, thieves know people are away from their cars for extended times which makes vehicles vulnerable. They can look up the running time for films and know exactly when people will come back to their vehicles.

It's up to management to patrol their lots in order to keep customers safe and their cars secure.

As one could expect, a place like a casino parking lot is seen as one of the safest places to be.

Chuck Keeling, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gaming with Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, confirmed with the Voice on the phone Friday that this is certainly the case in his parking lot.

"We've got 24/7 surveillance of the lot through cameras," he said. "Our security staff do walk the lot regularly."

To Keeling's knowledge, there's been never been anything of a criminal nature that's happened in his casino parking lot.

If something does occur he hopes patrons immediately report it to the casino so that in-house security can deal with the issue as quickly as possible.


RCMP have not yet confirmed that stolen vehicles were recovered or commented on the knife.


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