Thursday, June 19, 2014


Parent Sides with Teachers

An open letter to Christie Clark and Peter Fassbender

Submitted by Natalie Cameron, Chilliwack


s a parent in BC I am saddened by the actions of our BC government. The government must show and demonstrate honour, respect and integrity in moving forward to reach a deal with our teachers who need to be valued, appreciated and respected.

I ask where is your empathy towards public education when your child attends private school - every child deserves equal opportunity.

Nothing’s more important than giving our children a quality education.

But too many children are still in crowded classrooms and are receiving less of the one-on-one attention they need.

After 16 months at the bargaining table and advocating for smaller classes, more one-on-one time for all students, especially those with special needs, and a fair salary increase after four years of zero, we still see a government refusing to move forward for either teachers or students.

In fact, in its latest counter proposal, the government has moved backwards.

Teachers revised their bargaining proposals and reduced their salary demands because the government said the wage proposals were a stumbling block at the bargaining table. 


Shockingly, the government responded by reducing its wage offer. And the government has put even more roadblocks in the way of improving class size and classroom supports for kids.

The government squandered an opportunity and turned its back on BC kids.

Teachers are calling on Minister Fassbender and Premier Christy Clark to return to the bargaining table with proposals that will work for BC students and teachers.

And I couldn't agree more.

The BC Supreme Court has ruled not once but twice that the government illegally stripped collective agreements that provide contractual guarantees for smaller classes and more specialist teachers.

Teachers do not take job action lightly, but they do need to stand up for themselves, our kids, and for public education.

Mr. Fassbender and Premier Clark, it's time to move forward, not back. It's up to you to bring the needed resources to the table to reach a fair deal for teachers that provides better support for kids.



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