Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fire News

Spontaneous Blaze

Firefighters douse smouldering sawdust pile

Staff/Voice photos


Firefighters hose down a burning pile of sawdust Sunday afternoon.


he City of Chilliwack fire department was called out to the 42000 block of Industrial Way just after noon on Sunday when staff at Sumas Gro-Media facility noticed a 50' x 200' sawdust pile burning.


An excavator onsite broke up the pile while firefighters soaked it down. A couple of tender trucks ferried water from a nearby hydrant to the site and by 2:30 p.m. crews had it in check.


A fire watch was placed on the pile for the rest of the day and night.


Spontaneous fires are known to happen in large piles of damp sawdust. This has not been confirmed by the City of Chilliwack fire department however it is suspected to be the case. For more technical details about this type of fire read section No. 4 in this online manual here.


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