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A Fair Question  

Chilliwack Fair to look at possibility of reduced admission for low-income people

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his year, the ever-popular Chilliwack Fair takes place August 8-10 at Heritage Park.


For low-income families already struggling to make ends meet, the fair is an extravagance and many kids can't go.


Each year, the event falls in between government assistance cheques, and therefore families and individuals don't have the extra funds on hand to take the kids to the fair.


So, we enquired with the Chilliwack Fair today regarding the possibility of offering free, or low-cost gate admission to low-income families and individuals.


Last, year we made the same enquiry with administration, however received no response. It seems persistence pays off.


Today, a Chilliwack Fair spokesperson told the Voice in an e-mail that they are working on a new pricing scheme.


"We are looking into the possibility of offering special rate admissions for low-income families," said the Fair spokesperson.


Parking at the Chilliwack Fair is free or by donation. Advance gate passes are available at
reduced price: adults pay $8, children under 12 pay $5, and kids under 5 are always free. If we do offer additional special rates, we will be in touch with you to pass the word on.


One woman with three kids (name withheld) told the Voice that she can't afford the fair.


"They should try to be as inclusive and accessible as possible to everyone in the community, not just those with money. It would bode well for the Chilliwack Fair directors to offer free or a highly reduced ticket price," said the woman.


More details later as they become known.



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