Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Municipal Rub

School's Out

City employee awarded certificate in local government management 

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ity of Chilliwack staffer, Garrett Shipper, was presented with a framed certificate in local government management from the Capilano University at the council meeting on Tuesday.


Shipper started in the planning department at the City of Chilliwack in 2003. He worked his way up to the Technical Services and Development and Regulatory Services Department.


He manages the City's Building Application Permits and Inspections, Bylaw Enforcement and Health and Safety.

"The courses that Shipper attended provided him with opportunities to increase his knowledge of the political and organizational realities of local government with an emphasis on administration services, finance and law," said current mayor Sharon Gaetz.

This certificate is a step towards furthering his education. He'll soon begin working on his diploma in local government administration attending local administration training courses and receiving accreditation through the BC Board of Examiners for Local Government Administration.



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