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Chilliwack's most dangerous block to drive

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Emergency crews respond to another accident in front in the 45000 block of Yale Rd. Sunday.


nce again, Chilliwack's most notorious block has reared it's ugly head. Just after 3 p.m. Sunday, a Honda northbound in the 45000 block of Yale Rd. crossed the overpass and then slammed into the back of a stopped vehicle.


Weekend traffic was relatively light and the roads were dry when the accident happened.

City of Chilliwack firefighters closed lanes on the overpass while paramedics and first responders transferred two victims from the car into the waiting ambulance. Both the driver and passenger were taken to Chilliwack General Hospital with undetermined injuries.

"They were pretty shaken up," said a local.


According to that person, a van made the left there and realized they caused the accident, but left through the Tim Horton's parking lot.

Problems arise when northbound drivers come off the overpass completely blind, then slam on the brakes for a line of vehicles turning left for their coffee and donuts.


Some people feel that lefts shouldn't be allowed there, and that it's incumbent on the City of Chilliwack to do something to mitigate the mayhem in that block.


ICBC statistics indicate that from 2009-2013, there were 160 crashes in the half block from Hodgins St. to Railway Ave. No other half block stretch of road on a main arterial is as dangerous to negotiate, or as risky to turn left off of  in Chilliwack.


There have also been several crashes involving pedestrians, motorized scooters and bicycles which aren't included in the statistics.


Even Promontory Rd., with 440 crashes stretched out over several blocks from Vedder Rd. to Tesky Rd., isn't as perilous to drive as the 45000 block of Yale Rd..

The top three accident-prone intersections equipped traffic lights in the city are; 286 at Luckakuck/Vedder, 256 at Promontory/Vedder and 208 at Lickman Exchange.



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