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Agassiz coordinator to focus on expanding food bank profile

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus/Voice file photo MLA Laurie Throness


he Agassiz-Harrison Community Services Society (AHCSS) is receiving help from the provincial government for on-going operations, thanks to Community and Employer Partnership funding, announced Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness.


“We are partnering with the AHCSS to help them update and modernize their operations,” said Throness. “The participant in this program will gain valuable work experience and provide a beneficial service to the AHCSS, including the food bank.”


Under a Job Creation Partnership, the Agassiz-Harrison Community Services Society will receive $25,629.39 that will provide up to 52 weeks of work experience for one eligible participant to serve as an event coordinator for the food bank. This project will support the AHCSS with marketing, fund-raising projects and establishing a database. The total cost of the project is $44,370.37.


“We are looking forward to expanding the profile of the food bank, enhancing its connection with the communities, partners and contributors which is made possible by the Job Creation Partnership,” said Grace Admiraal-Blansjee of Agassiz-Harrison Community Services Society. “It allows us to better serve the needs of our communities and make valuable connections within the Agassiz-Harrison area.”


Job Creation Partnerships are a component of Community and Employer Partnerships, which were launched in April 2012 as part of the Employment Program of BC. Community and Employer Partnerships increase employment opportunities for unemployed British Columbians through the use of community-based partnerships, shared information, technology and innovation.


To date, more than 340 job seekers have benefited from Community and Employer Partnerships work experience and approximately 100 community-building projects have been funded.



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