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Navajo Love Story

Agassiz author's book available on Kindle

Released by Carol Sawyer, Agassiz, BC


ocal author C.A. Sawyer of Agassiz has recently published her first novel titled ‘The Shaman’s Woman’ on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books.


With a First Nations theme set in the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Sawyer draws upon her knowledge and experience working with the Stó:lö Coast Salish peoples in the Fraser Valley while acquiring her degree in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University.


Her interest in Aboriginal peoples and cultures was first piqued during her participation in archaeological excavations in Agassiz at the McCallum Site and Greenwood Island near Hope. The three year Fraser Valley Project conducted by SFU catalogued and documented early settlements of the Stó:lö.

Subsequent winter trips to Arizona introduced her to the Navajo culture. Most of the technical and cultural information referenced in the novel is factually accurate as is the depiction of the ceremonies and rituals of the Navajo, although not all are used today. Of course some literary license has been used.

Writing has always been a creative outlet and common thread for the author throughout her various incarnations and careers. A mother of two early in life, she took up Real Estate Sales, Property Management, owned and operated several retail stores with her husband for ten years and homesteaded in the South Okanagan. Always looking for new experiences,  later in life she returned to Simon Fraser University and graduated in Archaeology where she had a particular interest in the forensic aspects of the discipline.

Carol has written weekly articles for a small town newspaper and co-authored a non-fiction work with published author, Ed Gould. The Shaman’s Woman is her first effort at fiction, inspired by the subject matter of  Tony Hillerman’s exciting stories of the Navajo Nation. The Shaman’s Woman began as a mystery and morphed into a sensual love story due to the strong attraction of the two central characters.

Fascinated by the paranormal, Carol’s next project will be a non-fiction  documenting the experiences of her cousin and husband who spent years as demonologists or as they call themselves “deliverers” of demonically possessed people.

Carol lives with her husband in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.


About The Shaman's Woman

When the attractive Dr. Julianne Bryant is appointed Bio-archaeologist for the Canyon de Chelly Project on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, she is unprepared for her powerful attraction to the handsome and enigmatic Tribal Police Chief, Walker Begay. Thrown together when she needs his expertise to access a remote site; she is warned he is a notorious womanizer. Her attempts to distance herself fail and with each new encounter, she finds herself increasingly drawn to him, exposing her vulnerability and profound need.

Swept into a world of ceremony, shamans and taboos, she is confronted with an agonizing choice when a mysterious and deadly plague appears on the reservation. Should she honor his beliefs and preserve the love of the sensual, charismatic Walker, or violate an historic cultural taboo to save lives? Choosing life, she faces his wrath and resigns herself to a fate of banishment from the Navajo Nation. Preparing to leave she discovers he has been keeping a secret from her that will change her life forever.



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