Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Spirit Cool weaves sounds & vocals into great tunes at The Well July 26

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veraging 250+ performances a year, Spirit is a premier Canadian acoustic guitarist using the new technology of "live looping" to create live performances of original, new Top 40, Pop, and classic songs.


Fluent with many styles and artists, he takes any song and "live-records" each part of the song, using his acoustic guitar to create the sound (ie funk, rock, soul, etc, etc), and by "layering" the guitar, percussion, bass guitar, and vocals (etc).


With years of proven live-sound experience, studying technique and performance, combined with touring in bands since a young age, Spirit is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist who provides unique entertainment at every occasion.

Many clients trust Spirit to present a fine evening of live entertainment and interaction, including The Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, Lower Mainland Chances Casino's, and other fine pubs and restaurants.


Preparing for a 2014 Cross-Canada tour, Spirit has recently released 2 videos (released in 2013) demonstrating his "Live Looping Performance" technique, which are continuing to gain over 35,000 YouTube views each. Watch Come To Think Of It on Youtube here and Soul For Sale here.

Spirit Cool live at The Well on July 26th. Showtime is 7 p.m.


Chances Casino is located at 8180 Young Rd. For upcoming show information go here and to check out the latest featured menu items at the Well here.




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