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Highway Chaos

Multiple accidents shut down the Trans Canada Highway in both directions Sunday

Staff/Will Snow photos


A pickup truck and travel trailer lay on their sides across two eastbound lanes Sunday.


raffic came to a standstill on the Trans Canada Highway Sunday at around 5 p.m. when a pickup truck hauling a travel trailer jackknifed and flipped on its side in the eastbound lanes just past Annis Rd.


Shortly after that, another pickup travelling in the westbound lanes was hit from behind by a vehicle causing the pickup to hit the side of a passing semi-trailer across the highway from the first accident.


Injuries in the first accident were minor. Reports were the driver and passengers were out and walking around the overturned vehicles.


A source on the scene told the Voice that traffic was further delayed when a tow truck driver inadvertently ripped off the trailer's axels while trying to right it. A flat deck and crane had to be called in to remove it after it was dragged off the roadway.


No word on the extent of injuries, however they were serious because a medevac was brought in to airlift a victim to hopsital.


Just prior to the accidents at Annis Rd., a motorcycle was involved in an accident about 2 km east of Annis and paramedics managed scoop the rider and take the person to CGH. No word on injuries there.


The driver and passengers of this truck escaped with little or no injuries Sunday.


Crews had the road re-opened by around 7-7:30 p.m.


Highway speeds were recently increased from 100 to 110 km/hr. in that area of the highway, so drivers will need to take extra caution on the S-curve at Annis Rd. and leave plenty of room between them and the vehicles ahead.


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