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Oils and Water

H2O Under Attack exhibit to feature paintings with an environmental message August 2 - Sept 13

Submitted by Mary Main, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


Above, Diane White's “H2O Under Attack” is "complex in its imagery of pipelines, tar sands, oil spills and natural landscapes." Below, self portrait.

he Chilliwack Visual Artists Association is set to host their next big exhibit at the Cultural Centre August 2nd called H2O Under Attack.


The artist, Diane White, is quite well known in the conservation circles and has had art shows all over Canada.


Her work consists mainly of very large scale paintings of water under threat. She will be present at the Reception on Saturday August 2nd. 1:00- 3:00 p.m.


"H2O Under Attack”, transforms Chilliwack Visual Artists Art Gallery into a protest camp. Diane White’s politically charged paintings, depicting stunning BC landscapes offset by yellow ribbons of stenciled environmental messages of concern, command the gallery space.


Water, our most precious natural resource, is the central focus of the paintings. The Chilliwack Visual Artists Art Gallery is located at 9201 Corbould Street in Chilliwack. White’s show runs from August 2- September 13, 2014, Opening Reception, Aug, 2, 1:00 – 3:00pm. Diane White’s show has it all.


The large canvasses ooze moisture in its many forms with luxuriant, pulsating forests, towering cloud formations and multi-layered mountainscapes. The colour and natural forms jump off the canvas.


White's signature painting of the show entitled “H2O Under Attack” is large (12’ X 4’7”), and complex in its imagery of pipelines, tar sands, oil spills and natural landscapes flood the picture frame. The painting is the result of a trip taken by the artist to Gwaai Haanas and her experience visiting and breathing in the quiet solitude of that wonderful landscape. Stencilled explosive statements against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline complete the artist’s statement.


We all live downriver.



For more information, visit Diane White's website - www.vanishinglandscapes.com or e-mail here 778 440 4122

Chilliwack Visual Artists Association www.chilliwackvisualartists.ca 



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