Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ten Years After

BC elections chronicled in new book

Released by Elections BC


he details of British Columbia electoral activities between 2002 and 2013 are now conveniently available in one publication, the Electoral History of British Columbia, Supplement 2002-2013.


Elections BC and the Legislative Library of British Columbia participated on the publication, which includes the provincial voting results of three general elections, seven by-elections, four referenda, four initiative petitions, 13 recall petitions; a list of Members of the Legislative Assembly elected between 2002 and 2013; and an overview of legislative changes affecting the provincial electoral process during that time.


The supplement is the third publication detailing the province’s electoral history. The previous publications are the Electoral History of British Columbia, 1871-1986 and the Electoral History of British Columbia, Supplement, 1987-2001. The books were developed to continue the provision of a convenient, comprehensive and authoritative historical overview of electoral activities in British Columbia since the first provincial general election held in 1871.


The publications are available in digital format on the Elections BC website at and the Legislative Assembly of B.C. website at



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