Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Significant moon shines in Chilliwack skies

Staff/Voice photos


A cedar tree at Broadway church reaches out to a Supermoon, one of three this summer.


he big candle illuminating Chilliwack skies these last few evenings is called a Supermoon. It 's expected to peak in its cycle Saturday and Sunday.


This moon is referred to as a "Supermoon" because it's 14 per cent larger. Because of that its 30 per cent brighter.


The oval lunar orbits are referred to as apogee and pedigee. When in perigee, the moon is 50,000 km closer than at its furthest point, or in apogee.


Skywatchers can expect two more of these moons this summer; August 10th and Sept. 9th.


For more on this, visit NASA here.



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