Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Erosion Concerns

Canada Lands to reinforce Rotary Trail at River's Edge  

Released by Sunny Chiu, DPR/Voice file


Walkers and runners out on the Rotary Trail in January.


his week Canada Lands Company begins work on a project to reinforce a 600-metre section of the Rotary Trail between the Vedder River to the south and the company’s planned River’s Edge community to the north.


The work is part of the development agreement with the City of Chilliwack. The Rotary Trail along the Vedder River attracts 180,000 users a year.


Although the trail is currently above the 200-year storm level, the bank protection is undersized for the velocity of the water. Without reinforcing, the trail may be vulnerable to severe damage from future floods — in 1990 the trail was washed away. When the work is complete, this section of both the Rotary Trail and the riverbank will meet the highest engineering standard on the river.


The riverbank will be reinforced with large boulders (riprap), and stone stairways will provide access to the water. Although Canada Lands is dedicated to preserving trees, some unstable poplars will be removed to prevent injury to pedestrians or damage to the riverbank should they fall in a storm. The area within 75 metres of the trail will become city park and include native plants like spruce, fir and wildflowers.


Construction begins this week on an alternate trail through the forest bypassing the Rotary Trail while work is underway. Construction on the riverside trail will begin around August 1st — the Department of Fisheries and Ministry of the Environment require work to take place between July 1 and September 15 to avoid damaging fish runs.


When the work on the riverbank is finished, Canada Lands will replant the alternate trail for the public to continue to enjoy. There will also be trail access via “green streets,” public linear parks running through River’s Edge. At the other end, the green streets will link to a beautiful wood lot park. People can follow the Rotary Trail’s updates at 


About River’s Edge

River’s Edge is the third area of the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Chilliwack to be developed by Canada Lands Company. Situated near the company’s award-winning Garrison Crossing community, River’s Edge encompasses 43.2 acres (17.5 hectares), including 1,312 feet of waterfront along the Vedder River and 3.8 acres (1.5 hectares) of mature trees.


Sensitive development and urban design will conserve the site’s trees and natural assets, create new paths and interconnected green spaces, and integrate River’s Edge into the surrounding neighbourhood. New homes will display diverse architectural styles and be designed to maximize efficiency and minimize resource use. Housing choices will include: freehold (fee simple) single family, duplex and rowhouse homes; and strata title town houses, duplexes and apartments. For more information please visit


About Canada Lands Company

Canada Lands Company is a self-financing federal Crown corporation whose sole shareholder is the Government of Canada.  Its role is to optimize the economic and community value obtained from former government properties. It is also a demonstrated leader in tourism management with its operations of the CN Tower in Toronto, the Montréal Science Centre and the Old Port of Montréal.


CLC’s redevelopment of the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Chilliwack includes the communities of Garrison Crossing, Lindys Crossing and River’s Edge. The award-winning Garrison Crossing, the first of the three to be developed, is one of Canada’s largest and most significant urban revitalization projects.


For more information please visit