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A Swing South

Coughlan cut his teeth on the streets of Vancouver

By Bruce Coughlan


’ve lived a life in music since my early teens when I first began busking on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.


For the past 40+ years, I have earned my living entirely as a performer. I’ve toured coffee houses, concert halls & festivals throughout North America & the United Kingdom. I’ve played every kind of gig in-between.

I’m a recording/performing artist (vocalist, musician, front-man, story teller & compere) and a songsmith (composer, arranger, lyricist & adapter). In my career, I’ve literally performed thousands of songs in dozens of styles for millions of people.

With the upcoming release of my new solo recording Waiting for Rain, I will be emerging as an Acoustic Soul Music artist.

Waiting for Rain draws on a lifetime of experience. It is retrospective, nostalgic and Bluesy in nature, while highlighting my ability as songsmith, vocalist and classical (nylon string) guitarist.


STEP INTO MY KITCHEN: This co-write was the result of a visit to Hog Heaven, a BBQ joint in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. Josh Daniel and his pal Lefty had driven 2 ˝ hrs over from Charlotte for the express purpose of writing a song. We found inspiration in the hospitality we encountered at Hog Heaven.

Sometimes life just hands you nuggets. Josh also recorded this song on his 2016 CD Beat Up Radio. Josh & I had written the song Beat Up Radio (his title track) the previous day. There’s no telling what might come of our next encounter.

WAITING FOR RAIN: The title track for this musical collection is a classic R&B jam featuring Gospel Music soulsters The Sojourners on support vocals.

In writing the lyrics for Waiting for Rain, I used the word rain as a metaphor for all things nurturing. Whether spiritually, inspirationally or via interaction, we all experience droughts in our lives now and again. I wanted to express those feelings of detachment, isolation & loneliness with a glimmer of hope & optimism.

YESTERDAY'S NEWS: I wrote this song when I was 14 years old and I recorded a demo of it at my very first recording session (the following year). It seemed a bit pretentious to be singing the Blues at such a tender age, so I shelved the song...for 41 years!

This version features Paul Pigat on the guitar solo. He completely nails it! If you like smokey old Jazz tunes, you’ll probably like this.


Listen to song samples here and on Soundcloud here.

• Produced by Joby Baker

• Bruce Coughlan: lead vocals & classical guitar

• Simon Kendall: Wurlitzer, Hammond, Clavinet/Pianet, Steinway & thumbtack piano

• Joby Baker: kit, congas & shaker

• Rob Becker: upright bass (except Back of My Mind - Laurence Knight: upright bass)

• Paul Pigat: Gretsch guitar on Take Me Back to Memphis and Yesterday’s News

• The Sojourners (Marcus Mosley, Will Sanders & Khari McClelland): support vocals on Lean Times, Waiting for Rain and Peace, Love & Unders

• Recorded, mixed & mastered by Joby Baker at Baker Studios, Victoria, BC

• Additional direction & recording by Simon Kendall at Hammond St Studio

Photography and design by Fred Armstrong



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