Thursday September 8, 2011


Wanted: BC Liberal Leadership

Gardiner calls for moratorium on open-net fish farm licences

A letter from Stó:lō elder Eddie Gardiner, Skwah First Nation to Premier Christy Clark/Voice file photo


hanks for your notice on Election Timing and Defending & Creating  Jobs for BC Families. As you are aware, there has been mounting evidence on the harm that the Aquaculture industry has been mounting  evidence on the harm that the Aquaculture industry has been doing to the marine ecosystem and to Fraser River sockeye salmon.


This is an unsustainable industry that will eventually collapse under its own weight as it faces challenges of feeding millions of farmed fish in open-net pens and struggles to control deadly diseases that would inevitably get out of control and spread to wild salmon stocks.


This would be a double whammy! Fish farms would have to be shut down, and wild salmon would go the way of the cod on the east coast. Premier Christy Clarke, it is still possible to prevent this catastrophe from happening under your watch.

By supporting a moratorium on licensing open-net fish farms on the oceans, you would take leadership in protecting the Wild Salmon Industry that provides many jobs to British Columbians and is a very vibrant part of the BC economy. It would also mean you would ensure continued support to Aboriginal peoples right to fish for salmon that has sustained us since time immemorial.

Please let me know what your position is regarding this matter of great import to the people of British Columbia as wild salmon is an icon of supernatural BC.

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