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Music For Little Mozarts classes include parents

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njoy a group class with your child (children) small groups of 4-6 students weekly.  Singing, listening, hands-on activities, and movement!  Lessons are grouped in 10 week sessions and the cost is $15 per lesson (approx 45-60 min. in length) plus a $25 registration & a $25 supply fee. 

This is a generalized music program that does not require you to have a piano at home.  Fee includes: two stuffed animals (which must be brought to each class, a music workbook, laminated writeable/erasable staff board with a pen, music CD for at home practice, online subscription to, and a music bag to put everything in.

A Discount is available for families with more than 1 child registering.  At the end of each session, students will receive a certificate and participate in a Tiny Tinkles Studio Recital!

More about Music for Little Mozarts  

This program has three levels!  Level One will be offered at all September Sessions, select January sessions will offer Levels One and Two, select April sessions will offer Levels One, Two and Three.  Each lesson follows a structured format much like a preschool class - we start with our hello song, then move on to a review of material covered from previous lessons, then on to story time when new ideas and concepts are introduced. 


The introduction of new songs follows and children have to opportunity to experiment with sounds and rhythms by using percussion and rhythm instruments while singing and moving to the music. 


Each class is consecutive and builds on from the previous lesson so new musical material is constantly being introduced and expanded on.  A coloring or craft activity precedes our ending of the lesson where we sing our Goodbye song . Turn taking, imitating, structured movement, and manipulative art re-enforce everything that is covered in each of the lessons.  


This type of approach to learning makes the Music for Little Mozarts program an enjoyable experience for both the parents and the children! 

Registration will end September 23rd!


Class Times

MONDAYS 11:00-12:00

TUESDAYS 10:30-11:30

WEDNESDAYS 12:30-1:30

THURSDAYS 12:30-1:30


REGISTRATION INFO:  $100 is due upon registration (this includes the $25 registration fee, the $25 supply fee, and the first months lesson fees) 

After Registration, Supply Fees and the first months lesson fees have been paid there are two payment options to choose from. 


PAYMENT OPTION ONE:  At the first lesson two post dated cheques are to be submitted dated for October 1st and Nov 1st for $50 each. 


PAYMENT OPTION TWO:  At the first lesson $100 Cash for lessons

Your lesson fees cover the cost for the Recital.  The Recital will be held sometime in the beginning of December - Everyone is welcome - there is no charge to attend!





Meet the Teacher

Debra Ann Krol completed a Diploma in Music at Capilano University (1996) and is an active member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association (BCRMTA).


At the early age of 5, and inspired by her favorite stories, Debra started to compose her own little pieces.  At 6 years, she started taking formal lessons in a group setting with Mrs. Bates - former first piano teacher of Brian Adams.  Debra continued studying throughout her school years from many local teachers including fellow Registered Music Teacher, Linda Mundstock ARCT, AMUS, Suzuki Pdegagogy. 


After graduation of high school Debra auditioned and was accepted into Capilano University's Bachelor of Music Transfer program. 


She studied all aspects of music including: piano performance, music history, theory and harmony, sightsinging/eartraining techniques, and choral performance.  After two years of full time study under the expertise of David Vandereyk M.Mus., B.Mus., RMT as her private instructor, she completed a Diploma in Music with a Major in Piano Performance and a Minor in Voice. 


In Debra's second year of studies, her performance abilities and academic achievements were recognized.  She was recruited by the University to tutor first and second year students in two subjects - theory/harmony and sightsinging/eartraining techniques, and awarded the Canadian Daughters' League - Jean Paterson Memorial Bursary, the George Raven Wood Bursary, and the Capilano College Enhancement Bursary. 


Debra has been giving lessons as a fully qualified instructor since 1996.  She is also a Church Musician with 10 years of accompanying/performance experience (on both piano and organ) and 5 years of choral directing experience.  Debra has played for many weddings, funerals, concerts, festivals, auditions, etc... and has accompanied numerous instrumentalists, vocalists, and choirs.  


Debra's teaching objective is to spark creativity in her students by approaching them with a visual learning approach.  Introducing her students to the modern uses of music technology, receiving ongoing learning opportunities, and support from other instructors throughout the world wide web has led her to become an innovative teacher in the Fraser Valley.




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