Friday September 23, 2011


Blessed Mabon!

A good time of year to return your body and mind to a balanced state

Submitted by Sorcha Kincaid, Wiccan High Priestess, Chilliwack


eptember is a crazy time of year. The lazy days of summer are gone, quickly replaced with the packing of lunchboxes, the purchasing of clothes and books, and the endless chaos of the morning routine. It's easy to forget that our planet is continuing with it's stately march from one season to another. Friday might be a good day to remember though!

The 23rd is celebrated among earth-based religions as a time of balance, but also of changes. It is the Autumnal Equinox, one of two times during the year when day and night are equal. Within the pagan community this holiday is called Mabon and it is one of three harvests that are celebrated.


The first was Lammas when first fruits are collected and the growing season is still in full swing. Now we start to see frost and changing leaves, the corn and most other vegetables being harvested, and vegetation starting to wither and die. This isn't a sad thing though! Just as the Earth will continue to turn, so too will the bounty of our planet return next year in Spring.

This is a good time of year to consider working on returning your mind and body to a balanced state. This is always a tough thing, but finding time to work on breaking bad habits and letting old ways of thinking die can be a fantastic step forward. Starting up an exercise routine that works with your daily routine is also a super way to celebrate the changes our environment is going through. However you decide to spend your day, try to keep in mind that just as the weather is changing, so to are we.


Many blessings to you and yours, and may your deity (whoever that might be) smile on your household.


Sorcha Kincaid is a practicing Wiccan High Priestess, mom and works in Chilliwack. She's lived in town for many years and loves the city and surrounding countryside.


You can contact her by e-mail here for more details. For more information on the local chapter of pagans visit: She also makes wonderful wands with precious gems and more at:

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