Thursday September 15, 2011

Local Politics

Senior Sets Sights On City Hall

Harrington running for Chilliwack council in November

Submitted by Richard Harrington, Chilliwack


ick was elected to the Council of Niagara Falls, Ontario and served for three years. He sat on thirteen committees, including Municipal Works, Finance, the Airport Commission and Downtown Economic Development.

Economic development was a major factor in the life of Niagara Falls, as that city received over eighteen million tourists per year. Dick was a part of a team that managed a budget of over $70 million.

  • While on council, Dick was also chosen as the Chairman of the 32 member Recreation Commission- which managed four hockey arenas, several outdoor swimming pools and dozens of softball and soccer fields. Dick was the first even “Councilor” elected as Chair of the Recreation Commission.

  • Dick had a twenty year history of coaching- often coaching up to seven sports per year- all on a volunteer basis.

  • Dick was also very involved as a Big Brother, with the United Nations Association, with his Church council and on several Environmental organizations.

  • While a councilor, Dick was chosen by his council to be the Canadian Representative on the International panel, the “Great Lakes Advisory Committee”, whose mandate was to investigate pollution levels in the Great Lakes. It was also called the “RAP”-or Remedial Action Plan.

  • . Dick was then elected as a Councilor on the Niagara Regional Council- an entity much different from the Fraser Valley Regional District. The Niagara Regional Council represents nineteen communities and over 400,000 people and is the political body overseeing the Niagara Regional police, all Seniors homes and all waste treatment and water treatment facilities.

  • As a Regional councilor- Dick served on several major committees, including Family and Childrens’ Services, the Hospital Board, Aids Niagara, and Social Services. Dick was a part of a team that managed a budget of over $180 million.

  • The bottom line is that Dick has the experience and background from another province that may bring a “Fresh- light” to the council of Chilliwack.

    As a retired person, Dick has the energy , the time and the positive approach that should be an asset to the council of Chilliwack. Dick is known to be a person who is not afraid to speak out on any issue; but, he always tries to listen to other opinions first when doing so.

    Even though Dick has only lived in the area for three years, he is quickly investigating the local issues that are important to the people of Chilliwack.

    Some of the issues indentified so far are- the need for more parking at the Prospera Centre, flooding issues in Yarrow/ Greendale, congestion, erosion and transportation in Promontory, the further need for downtown urban renewal and the persistent crime problem, and the on-going potential conflict between Agricultural Land Reserves and the need for further subdivision approvals.

    If you have an opinion on what local issues are important to you- please feel free to email Dick here.

    Dick looks forward to serving the people of Chilliwack.


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