Friday September 9, 2011


Thinking Is Believing

That's what I thought ó and it caused my results

Submitted by Life Skills Coach Mimi Nelson, Chilliwack


hat is belief? For some people, it is something that they have come to think of as true Ė a religious doctrine even. But belief is actually something much simpler than that. When people ask me what a belief is, I tend to respond with an answer like this...

A belief is a thought you keep thinking. That thought leads to words and feelings, which make you act a certain way, causing a certain result. This result, starting with a conscious or unconscious thought, might serve you or might not.

There are times in your life when you find that your beliefs arenít serving you anymore. Maybe itís a belief that you donít deserve love. Maybe itís a belief that you are incapable. Maybe you believe that you are supposed to be sick because a certain family member had a certain disease, therefore you have a certain likelihood of having that disease also. Telling yourself that you will also suffer from this disease makes you more open to the possibility that you, too, will face the same fate that your family member had. Unless you decide to re-decide that belief, you will, undoubtedly continue to believe it.

I use this way of examining belief and apply it to my own life and experience every chance I get. When I see that I am stuck in a way of doing things that isnít truly serving me, I take the time to re-decide that belief. I take the time to make new, conscious decisions regarding thoughts, emotions and feelings so that my beliefs help me to create the life that I want to live. I choose to think that I am healthy, happy, loved and loving, and by doing so, I automatically am.

While re-deciding belief can be difficult at times, it is important to do this in order to grow and to become the person we were truly meant to be. Perhaps, you changed your beliefs; you might be something much greater than you are today.

1.                  Identify your top five values. What is important to you. Is it family? Is it friends? Economic success? Health? Take some time to identify the things that are important to you. (If you havenít been able to name your top 5 values, send me an email and Iíll send you some work around this.)

2.                  Next, take a moment to examine a belief that you feel is holding you back from the life that you want to live. It can be anything such as your weight, your energy level, your passion for life, the types of relationships you have, or your lack of success in business. Write it down so that you can examine it.

3.                  As the original belief (from #2) doesnít serve you, identify what belief would serve you and is in line with your highest values. Write this new value/belief down.

4.                  To reinforce your new belief, take one action that is in line with the value that you cherish for a one week period. 

From start to finish, this is how this process might look for someone who is overweight or suffering from health problems relating to obesity. You first identify that you value your health (#1) and the experience of living long enough to see your grandchildren grow up. You realize that you have a belief that isnít serving you anymore (#2) which tells you that you can eat whatever you want and get as heavy as you want because no-one loves you. Now you might identify that you need to re-decide your belief (#3) and that you are loved and worthy of love and that you have a healthy body that will let you enjoy life with your grandchildren. Then, you need to take action (#4) by replacing an unhealthy drink (coffee, alcohol, or pop/soda) with water one time each day for a week.

What youíve just done is change your results. By starting with your thoughts/beliefs and designing the results you want, you can essentially be the person youíve consciously chosen to be rather than just accepting the unconscious beliefs up until now as your ďfate.Ē Making ANY changes in your life and being successful starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

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