Thursday September 8, 2011

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Meet Betty 

Author Krawczyk at Chapters in Vancouver Sept 15

Released by Betty K, Cumberland BC


ocal legend Betty Krawczyk's new book "This Dangerous Place, My Journey Between the Passions of the Living and the Dead " is hot off the presses.

Betty, currently living in Cumberland, will appear at Chapters in downtown Vancouver for this not-to-be missed reading and meet & greet. The book reading will starts at 7 pm and ends approximately 8:30 pm.


"Bring your own stories of the paranormal that have haunted you in the past. I'm leaving a lot of room for discussion," said Betty in an email to the Voice.


More About the Book
Betty Krawczyk’s characteristic sharpness of wit and evocative Southern-based turn of phrase make This Dangerous Place an immense pleasure to read. And like any cherished moment, the book is a delight to recall after inhaling its last pages. Krawczyk’s personal, idiosyncratic story transcends the particularities of time and space and takes you to a deeper place within yourself, a place of new possibilities. Also as (Producer/Director) Fury For The Sound; The Women at Clayoquot.

Who Is Betty Krawczyk
Born American 83 years ago, but reborn as a Canadian in 1966, she fell in love with the old growth forests of British Columbia at first sight. Now a great-grandmother she lives, breathes, writes and speaks of the necessity of saving our public resources for the people of British Columbia and Canada. She has spent over three years in the jails and prisons of British Columbia for blockading corporate logging trucks in public forests.

Krawczyk has written three other books: Clayoquot: The sound of my heart, Lock Me Up Or Let Me Go and Open Living Confidential.

Betty Krawczyk lives and works in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. You can contact Betty at  or by email here.

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