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Healing Sounds of Throat Singing

Matthew Kocel back by popular demand to the Arts Centre Oct 7

Submitted by Janet, Amethyst Bookstore


atthew's powerful and healing vocal sound is a unique blend of Tibetan/Tuvan throat singing and Euro-American overtone chant. His guttural and purring vocal harmonics are combined with an array of unusual instruments - the harmonium, a set of Tibetan and crystal signing bowls, tuning forks, a conch shell and tingsha cymbals.


In this Healing Sound Concert, Matthew creates multiple harmonies and healing frequencies that allow you to enter in to a realm, beyond space and time.


The experience has been described as "bathing in liquid light". During this healing sound journey you may experience a realignment and balancing of your energy system. This rare opportunity for Chilliwack, is not be be missed!


About Sound Healing

"The primordial sound vibration, guided by an intelligence that is everywhere and in all things, organizes energy into form. Through the conscious application of sound as a tool for transformation, we can access the part of ourselves that knows everything is connected; all is one. Sound Healing includes musical sounds that bypass mind chatter, emotions, blockages and touch the core of your being. This core is where perfect balance and connection exist. From this place healing occurs. Matthew combines his instruments with the amazing vocal harmonics of his throat singing and prayers to create a safe, sacred healing space". (quote from Matthew's website:


About Matthew Kocel

For the last 12 years Matthew has been leading Healing Sound Concert meditations across the country, using throat singing as his primary instrument. Matthew has studied sound healing methods from such luminaries as Tom Kenyon, Jonathan Goldman and Jerry Des Voignes. Matthew has pursued and explored numerous healing modalities such as Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection under Dr . Eric Pearl, Polarity Balancing with Maruti Seidman, Supreme Science Qigong with Jeff Primack's (Level 3 Instructor) , and he is currently studying with renowned healer Marjorie Haynes. Matthew is also a Certified Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.


What people are saying about Matthew's Concerts

"...truly unique... (this music) is a thing of spiritual beauty... " - What's Up! magazine May 2009

"...shapes and colors were forming in the room..." - Marliee Linhares, Denver Colorado

" felt like I was flying..." - Leslie Dyck, Vancouver BC, Canada

"... I felt the sound moving around and through my body..." - Darla Reynolds, Miami, Florida

" ...That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced!! I've never felt energy move through my body in that way..." - Elsie, Denver, CO


Friday, April 1, 7:30 pm - 9 pm (no intermission so you will go into a deep state)

Chilliwack Arts Centre 45899 Henderson

Doors open at 7:00 pm, $20 advance, $25 at the door, Students with ID $10

TICKETS at Amethyst Books & Essence, 8989 Young Rd, Chilliwack 604-792-3730 or e-mail here.


Tickets also on-line ($1.50 service charge per ticket applies) at: 

Chair seating. If you prefer the floor, please bring your own cushion or yoga mat.


May All Beings Be Happy!


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