Friday September 9, 2011


In Tribute To College Moms 

Inspiring thoughts fill the void when the kids leave for school

Submitted by Stephanie's mom/Web image


he Labour Day long weekend was a bittersweet end to the summer. We have watched as the carefree days of celebrating graduation and "no more homework" come to an end, packing and goodbyes soaked up the last days of August, and our kids get ready to head off to university.


Some will travel, some will move across town, some will commute from home... its all a new journey we are beginning.

This week we drove several hours to help our daughter get settled in her rented room and get ready to start her university studies. In the afternoon the university hosted a Parents' Conference, and I looked around at the faces of other moms who were about to leave their 18-year investment in someone else's hands and drive home to an empty bedroom where their son or daughter's belongings used to create its own unique atmosphere.


I spoke with some other parents from places like Alberta and Ontario, and one mom whose kids grew up in Malaysia and Singapore. I wondered if there were other Chilliwack moms there that day.

While that afternoon was a collection of moms gathered from many places; as we drove back to Chilliwack I was thinking about a different collection of moms... the ones whose kids are going all over Canada or farther, but we are left behind in Chilliwack. Half of your mind and most of your heart is waiting to hear about their progress with settling in, what their classes are like, what friends they discover, and what kind of adventure they are off to.

Tonight I sit and listen to the sounds of neighbourhood children sing-songing out the numbers as they play hide-n-seek across the street. "Yesterday" that was my daughter... "Today" she is in a strange city that is waiting for her to explore it, settling into a room that will become her new home as she pursues her dreams. Maybe this is your first child to leave home, and you're wondering what will happen from here. Or maybe like me, this is your fourth and you're discovering that letting your kids go doesn't really get any easier with practice.

Maybe we should wear a ribbon, or make t-shirts, or wave a flag... we might find a way to identify each other in a grocery check-out or walking along the river. If you know another university mom, give her a hug next time you see her!


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